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Kalyssa was originally modeled, textured and lit in 3d and I did like the results, however, I wanted to stretch my limits as a digital painter. I am trying to get faster and better using Painter 12 and she was a huge challenge for me. I really tried to make sure the lighting and color was dynamic and tried my best to make good decisions on where to add detail and where to leave it implied. I am open to any thoughts or critique you may have as I realize I have a lot to learn from so many amazing artists on this site. Now, as to the subject, she is a character in the upcoming fantasy setting called Mistworlds. A dark caster who struggles to reconcile her thirst for power and what that sometimes entails with a nagging conscience that reminds her of the fact that her soul may hang in the balance. She knows she is beautiful and uses desire as a weapon nearly as formidable as her spells. I had fun creating her and I hope you enjoy the work. -Aubrey Hodges
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