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Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 7:39 PM

I can do photography of food, photography of cosplay, I can do vector portraits, I can do line arts, I can do typography and I can doodle. OH AND I CAN ALSO MAKE VIDEOS If you need to know what I do and don't have for cosplays, take a look at my deviantArt ID on my profile.

Food Photography:
The Insides by TheCosplayVlogger
I love to cook so you can send requests.

Cosplay Photography:
Ballroom Grell 1 by TheCosplayVlogger
Choose a cosplay from my list and let me know!

Vector Portrait:
Vector Portrait - 2011 Computer Graphics by TheCosplayVlogger
I promise the background will be better. I got rushed to turn this one in.

Line Art:
Soul Eater Evans by TheCosplayVlogger
I haven't posted a line art in a long time, but it has improved.

Vocaloid re-logo by TheCosplayVlogger
I can also do typography, I don't have anything that really reflects it currently but I can do it.

Charathon - 2/9/13 - Round 3 by TheCosplayVlogger
These are the quickest commissions I can give.

I also make videos I can make CMVs, AMVs, Vlogs, just about anything. If you want to ask me to do the cinnamon challenge or something have at it. Just let me know if you want me in cosplay. Even if you don't request a cosplay, if I'm in the video I'll prolly do it in cosplay. I'm always cosplaying.


extra info

If you have the idea ready for me I'll show my comission box. I have them all hidden from my page because I want to be noted first before I'm paid.

Vector Portrait 100pts | Videos 80pts | Line art 40ppts | Logo 30pts | Food Photography 50pts | Cosplay Photography 30pts | Doodle 20 pts

Things like Vector Portraits can sometimes take 2 weeks, but I'll be sure to give you updated pictures on how it's coming along. After we've spoken and come to an agreement, I'd like to be paid before I'm finished.
If there's any questions I'm more than open to them.

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Submitted on
May 2, 2013