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I'm seriously considering leaving this "social media."
I've stuck around because this is a site that won't ask me to down grade the quality of my photos and leave them in their full glory because this is what the site is for. But honestly, I get the most nasty, bitter hate on here, more than anywhere else! I'm so sick of it! I don't deserve it!
I've got loving people on instagram and people who can conversate the points of my cosplays RESPECTFULLY on Tumblr. I've got supportive people on Facebook and that's all I need! Most of my hate right now are for my "Popstar Jinx" cosplay pictures. One thing that a cosplayer knows better than anyone is. IS THEIR OWN DAMN FLAWS ON THEIR OWN DAMN COSPLAY. So everyone can just stop! Seriously!
And the people on dA aren't the only ones that've given me some "pointers" on this cosplay! On tumblr a couple of people brought to my attention that "it's just a miku cosplay" and they gave their points and I gave mine (BOTH RESPECTFULLY) and we came to an understanding and it hasn't been brought up since! But this keeps re-occurring on here and it's so fucking irritating. BECAUSE NO ONE IS BEING RESPECTFUL. They give me all the sass in the world and cuss and tell me I'm just down right wrong!!!
Hello? uhm yeah. IT'S FUCKING COSPLAY. It's FOR. FUN. and that cosplay ISN'T EVEN DONE.
So drop it? Everyone drop it.
I refuse to take these pictures down because it was a fun shoot and the pictures came out fantastic!
So it's either it stops or this account is either deactivated or never touched ever again. I'm done with this community. SO DONE.
I'm going to try tackling this myself at home this afternoon. But if I can't do it as well as I can imagine, I need someone to help me cut down a music track to two minutes. The song is originally about 3:45 minutes long, and someone has cut it down to 2:30 but it's really important that this track is no longer than 2 minutes. It's for a competition and I miiiiiight be able to get away with 5 seconds over if I talk to them ahead of time but I'd rather not push it. 
The level I'm competing at only allows me for 2 minutes. The next step up is 2:30 minutes... So if I can't get this done myself it'd mean a whole lot if someone could help me.
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So CTcon was fun. For a while. (Nothing to do with the con itself.)

I just had a lot of personal problems. I found myself uncomfortable randomly. Not to mention I struck depression the night before. That was really disconcerting...
I also had some really really fun times seeing friends! I even got to see a cosplay friend, Sailor Scone, that I've struggled to see in the past. She and I have gone to a lot of the same cons and we've mutually followed each other's cosplays for a while but we finally ran into each other! So that was exciting.
I got to finally pick up a belly dance outfit as well! I was so stoked to finally get one. But then later that night I lost my phone. I know where I accidentally left it, went back for it maybe 5 minutes later and the phone was gone. It's yet to show up at the hotel lost and found and I doubt it will. So with my phone lost and my ride's phone dead, it was terrifying trying to find them again.
AND MY RYUKO COSPLAY DIDN'T COME IN ON TIME EITHER. Well I mean it did... It came Friday afternoon... But no one was home to accept the package so it was turned around to the facility. A friend picked it up for me and I hope to get it this weekend when I'm out cell phone shopping.
I've also got a new cosplay in mind to use my next paycheck for. I'm going to do the blue military jacket version of Levi from Attack on Titan. My kohai Kylie seems to inspire me to do a lot of things (I saw her status about getting her belly dance outfit at the con and I finally said "now, now is the time I get this done.") and I was putting of my AoT cosplay because I had to suddenly have a League of Legends character done for PAX East. SO because she posted a picture of Levi and Petra in wedding attire saying she wanted to do Petra and I offered to be her Levi (jokingly at first) she talked to me more about the design she wanted to do and the blue military jacket would just look so well her design. So I decided yes, I get this done now. And after the countless other AoT cosplays, I did decide I wanted to do something I little different from the average uniform. And I fell in love with this design before hand. Even if Kylie can't get the dress done (I really hope she does so we can do cute snippy things) I'm super excited for this cosplay.
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Hey I'm actually making an update about a con.
So I've anticipated getting my Ryuko Matoi cosplay in the mail at least a week ago. I lit the fire under my seller the other day and I miiiiiiiiiiiight get it tomorrow (knock on wood, fingers crossed) In which case I'll be Ryuko for CTcon. But if everything doesn't go the happy way, I'm going to be Popstar Jinx since I'd like to get more photos of her. 
Honestly I have no panels that I plan on going to. When ever I plan for panels I never go. So I'm not going to plan and maybe I'll stumble into more panels than usual.

I hate to say that Deviantart is a tad annoying when it comes to uploading update pictures, the process is just a little much for a bad selfie saying "this is what I look like at the con today" So if you "Like" my Facebook page you'll be able to see that sorta update, maybe my instagram too. Iunno.

If you'd like to get in contact with me during the con, leave me a Note on here and we could POSSIBLY exchange numbers.
So excited to see you all there!
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So I'm super sorry about that!
Like I didn't even make my announcement of going to Anime Boston this year... That's sad.
So I'll give you guys some updates (they'll all be titled in bold so if you don't want to read all of it you can find what interests you,) but I'd just like to say I'm sorry about neglecting this part of my itty bitty corner of the internet. And over the summer it's my goal to start updating this more regularly!


Lost Footage...
So I've been to a few conventions and vlogged at them and was too lazy to edit them... And it proved to be a really bad idea. Because they accidentally got lost one way or another... I no longer have my own video camera (I believe it was stolen) so the card that was in that camera is gone with it. Others got deleted when my new MacBook Pro decided to make itself a back up on my external drive... And the throw back videos were saved on my tablet which got left behind in a move. and all of that really disapoints me and I'm sorry I've had no videos and nothing to show for the work I've done..

Anime Boston
So I went to Anime Boston all weekend. I'm even having a hard time remembering what I cosplayed... I did Pirate!stuck Aradia, I really need to get pictures of her up. I sadly didn't grey up for that. I didn't have the stuff to seal it and I didn't wanna ruin the new costume the first time wearing it out. But photos from another photographer (not my regular one; he's been neglecting to give me photosets!!) came out beautifully. I did Homura before all the time traveling, so with her hair braided and I need to get those photos up too. They're pretty. And I ran around in my Kigu the day before the con because there was a Kigu party. And Sunday I was Sebastian. Some pretty nifty photos of that too.

PAX East
So I got to go to PAX East for the first time and it was so worth it. It was amazing. I had so much fun. I got to meet so many cool cosplayers and got TONS of swag. Most of it was League of Legends swag but I'm not complaining. I probably got at least 150$ worth of swag from them alone. I cosplayed my own custom skin, Popstar Jinx. She's got a handful of super sick photos that I need to get up. I did a last second make-shift Miss Fortune (because I was told if I dressed up in a different cosplay everyday of the weekend I could get the cosplay swag). It was pretty much my Pirate!stuck outfit with my MF wig.. But hey it got me swag. And on Sunday I was Teemo because I got a free Teemo hat and needed another cosplay for more LoL swag. I got some... interesting photos of that cosplay. 

Famicon was a first year con that took place at the Londonderry Senior Center. I helped out with the raffle table dressed as Teemo. The convention is a retro gaming convention. I actually think we're going to do different game themes every year, so we might, for example, do a sci-fi futuristic gaming theme one year rather than retro gaming. Next year I'm going to be helping out again and it should take place in the summer this time. We don't have next year's date yet. We'd also like a different venue if we can get our hands on something else. Because by next summer I'll have my Safe Serve Certification I'll likely be helping out with food options. Possibly raffle supplies/ sponsors as well because I'd like to say I did a good job getting raffle items. I'd like to thank everyone that came out to Famicon because it was a lot of fun meeting all the little people from around here since we're small first time con it was really homey. Really felt like a New Hampshire kind of thing!

Animes and K-dramas!
So I've been watching A LOT of k-dramas lately. I've watched Coffee Prince, Boys Over Flowers and I'm towards the end of You're Beautiful (episode 11 out of 16). I've got a long list of them that I want to watch including, Heirs, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Secret Garden, Heartstrings and Wild Chives And Soybean Soup. If any of those have been watched by you guys and they weren't so great lemmie know. K-drama episodes are long and I don't have that time to waste when I could be watching other k-dramas! 
As far as animes go, I'm super behind now that I don't have my Crunchyroll subscription. But last weekend I finally got around to watching Kill La Kill and finished it. I've tried watching Kyoukai no Katana and I just can't get into it.. But I know I'm missing out on a lot of animes and I need to get back into it. I think I might also be missing episodes of RWBY? Iunno. I was pretty sure I finished the season but I didn't think it picked back up until that Rooster Teeth/Machinama Texas convention in the summer. But I think I've been seeing gifs from episodes I haven't seen. I could just not remember... 

So I've already got a Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill cosplay coming in. It's the Senketsu sailor uniform. I've also replaced my Sebastian cosplay with a better one and I'm looking to get rid of the old one. I'm also working on Celestine Soraka. She's going to be completely hand made. I'm making all of the armor and I have all of the supplies and fabric already. One of my friends is helping with the sewing the only things I don't have are the elf ears and body paint. I also don't know where I'm going to start with making the hooves. But she's got a lot of my efforts being poured into her.
After I'm done with these two I might do one other cosplay before I go back into the cosplays I already have and improve them. I need to order Luka's boots because the bootcovers I had grew mold so I had to throw them out. I want to make more parts of Luka light up. And then I want to order new light up sleeves for Miku. I need to order a new wig for Grell if I want to continue doing Grell... There's a long list of things I need to go back into.

I'd like to say over the summer I'm going to be working on videos but as said somewhere above, I no longer have my own video camera.. So I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. I'd like to purchase a new camera but cosplay is just so expensive and I don't want to buy a new camera that'll just "get me by." I want a nicer camera from my last one. If I'm getting a new camera, I'm upgrading. I'll try seeing what I can get done with my new MacBook Pro but it's probably not going to do what I want. So I probably won't get anything done till Christmas unless I have a strike of luck with a summer job. But I also have other priorities right now. I try.


Thanks for reading! If there's any input you guys would like to give I'd love to hear it!
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I only just realized I've been really neglecting my DeviantArt Updates. I'll try to get back on top of it but it's much easier for me to update my Facebook page/ Twitter (twitter only updates because of Facebook). So if you're interested in knowing this things a little more frequently I recommend "liking" or "following" me there. 

Because Queen City Kamikaze had to change their date from February 15th to the 16th I can't go. I just don't like spending Sundays at cons. I like to take Sundays to rest after a con. It'll just be weird. I mean I miiiiiiiight go. Huge MIGHT. Maybe if enough people ask me to hang out I will. I mean I'm really craving for a con but Sundays are just weird. I can, I just don't have the motivation.

New photos! I have a photoset I've neglected to put up on here that I might do soon. I'm also still waiting on like 3 sets of photos from my photographer and one of my friends needs to take more photos for her portfolio so she asked me to model for her sometime. So I should have plenty of new cosplay photos to put up soon.

SOOOO MUUUUCHH MOOOOVING! So I've been moving a lot lately. Which is 90% of the reason why the last handful of videos I've uploaded have all been in different locations. I'm not traveling to take these videos, at least not past the back yard or anything.. But I've moved 7 times and I'm hoping this 8th time this weekend will be the last until I go to college. My last couple of places have made video making nearly impossible... But this new place I'm going to finally have my own room. My whole life I've shared my room with my sister and occasionally told her "don't come in for the next 4 hours, I'm recording." But now I don't have to and the outdoor location is nice as well. 

I'm super excited to start making videos again! I can't promise how fast I'll start posting again and I can't promise if I'm going to upload them weekly either. I still need to install Sony Vegas Pro on my new desktop since my laptop is in disrepair right now.

I have an iPod again so that means Instagram~ My name on there is TheCosplayVlogger so you can find me super easily. I like to post pictures of my food, cats, things I see on my travels and "behind the scene" things for videos and new cosplay etcetera. I need to update that onto my business cards.

I think that's everything. Maybe I'll update the journal later if there's something to add but I'm pretty sure that's it.
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-Recon Corps uniform/Sasha and Mikasa (Attack on Titan)
-Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service)
-Bee (Bee and Puppycat)
-Asuna (Sword Art Online)
And then I have a few cosplays running through my head like Princess Tutu, Katniss' wedding dress, C2's empress outfit and Elsa from Frozen.

I just have a lot of cosplay junk running through my head and I had to put it down somewhere so I don't loose track of my thoughts.
I'm about 70% there fund-wise for my SNK/AoT cosplay. And then getting Kiki and Bee done should be quick easy and painless (hopefully). Then I'm doing Asuna for a friend probably and then I'm all frazzled again. 

After Christmas I hope to have my convention list for 2014 all worked out. I'd LIKE to go to Queen City Kamikaze, Anime Boston, Famicon, Otakon, Connecticon, and probably others that I can't think of but oy. Christmas is around the corner and all my cash will be put away towards new cosplays and pre-registrations!
So from BeguruTeam's Laney's brother, Brendan, made an original orchestrated mix. They're welcoming people to use the song for free and I said something. Brendan said it'd be cool to see my product when I'm done and welcomed me to put in my own lyrics. I'm pretty good with lyrics but I'm AWFUL with mixing, so if someone wanted to lend their skills to me for this project I'd be super appreciative! I'll more than likely not make lyrics if no one wants to be the mixer. Leave a comment if you're interested.
So I talked with my former cosplay group members and I'm putting up Some of our old videos. I put a lot of work into some of the stuff we had and I had all of the stuff backed up. So I asked them if it was okay. And now I'm selectively choosing our better works and posting them weekly. I'm still on hiatus but I wanted to get these up. I hope you guys enjoy!

Things Cosplayers Say:…
So I've been sending a lot of emails today for sponsors. So fingers crossed wish me luck! But I want to send more emails but I'm not exactly sure where else to go to. So I'm asking the people of DeviantArt!

I've submitted to Bodyline, Asos, Choies, Romwe, Claires, Milanoo, Cosmates.. I think that's it. I might be forgetting somewhere. I'm kinda expecting to get rejected by a couple of these places (especially Claires so let's not talk about that,) and some of these places I don't even anticipate a response. 
But I wanted to know if you guys can think of any cute online shops that aren't really that big that I could email about this. 

I'd been told a few times that I'm a person that could make anything look good if I tried and that I could be one of those people to be sent products to wear and promote. And I can't really do that unless I get companies interested so that's what I'm trying to do. I'm also really open to doing this for little shops on here. I'll do it for make-up, contacts, cloths, cosplay, jewelry, etcetc. 

So if you're interested in sending me something you made and would like me to wear it around, get your name out, take professional photos with, and promote your links please please please let me know.
This is something I really really want to do. Really. 
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I have 4 listed on eBay right now
Male Stocking wig
And possibly my Gakupo wig
I won't list these unless people show interest

I'd just like to get these cosplays that I don't really wear off my hands so I can work on my other cosplay plans. 
If someone's interested and would like to give me an offer, shoot me a price, my prices are flexible. I ALSO DO TRADES BUT I'LL ONLY TRADE TOWARDS MY CURRENT COSPLAY PROJECTS.

Cosplay Projects
-Survey Corps Uniform; SNK
-Kiki; Kiki's Delivery Service
-Asuna; Sword Art Online
-Winter Miku
^^^^^^^^^ these are my most important right now.
-Tutu; Princess Tutu
-Light up Miku pieces
-Asahina; Dangan Ronpa
-God Tier Jade
-Mafia Miss Fortune; League Of Legends
-Fancy God Tier Aradia
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So I got back from AAC. I'd say I had a good time. But only because I let myself and I forced it to be fun. I absolutely hate this con. I've attended this con since 2009 and they were my first con! They USED to be really great! But I find them getting progressively worse and I decided I'm never going again. Instead I'm going to go to cons like Granite State Comic Con and stuff like that. 
The con was only fun because of the people I hung out with. I had fun in my friend's panel. I had fun with my photographer at our photoshoot. I had fun at Project cosplay constructing this make-shift cosplay in an hour, because of the great friends that helped and friend that I made while I was there. I met some great people. Especially this wonderful Madoka. She was amazing. She had a Kyuubey around with her and they were lovely and we had photos taken together. I had a fun time because of my friends! But the con itself was absolutely awful.
They lost my ELECTRONICALLY sent entrees for a panel and a masquerade skit. They were EXTREMELY rude when I tried to resolve that issue. They accepted one of my friend's panels without informing them (she found it on the schedule and figured she had to prepare for it). They dealers room is always full of bootleggers, which they don't really do anything about even if you report them. And ANYTIME I had a question for them it took WEEKS to get an answer, sometimes I'd never get one. They lack organization (which absolutely stresses me the fuck out), they're rude, unresponsive and just can't get it together. Because of these issues it was really hard to participate in anything and there wasn't much to do while you were there unless you were a homestuck. The security also sucked! I had friends get into the dealers room without badges and not once was I asked to see my badge even though I had it tucked under my cosplay in the back because I forgot I put it there when people asked about pictures.. I promise you, you could have practically spent the whole con without even paying for a badge because of that.. Which would be cool at an actual con, but it isn't even worth it.
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Since AAC lost both my panel request AND my masquerade entree, I'm going to enter Project Cosplay now that I have the time.
Anyone wanna join my team? If you're interested leave a comment and I can give more info n' stuff.
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As you guys can tell I got Homura and that's what I'll be. I'm only attending Saturday and that's all I intend on cosplaying at this point. I might change into my new kigurumi as it gets late and I get lazy. (Kigu pictures will be posted soon. It'll be in the mail for me Friday or Saturday.)
AAC is poop. Sorry I'm not sorry. They were my first con in 2009 and you'd think I'd have sentimental value to them but they're only getting worse and I'm fed up. Aight? Aight.. Story is they lost BOTH my panel entree AND my masquerade entree. So I'm not doing anything? bluh..

Woah, this NittyGrittyRomantic can stop being sappy and start being bubbly? Fuck yeah guys. Just thought I'd mention it because she's going to start coming up in videos and doing partner cosplays with me. No biggy, she just makes me extremely happy.

Now that I have Homura it's time to plan for another cosplay. I'm going to have the money to get another one soon and then Christmas is going to be here and I'm going to prolly get another.
I'm conflicted between Asuna from Sword Art Online, Monokuma/Aoi Asahina from Dangan Ronpa, Haru from Free!, and Sasha from Attack on Titan (or really anyone in the survey corps).
I'm pretty sure I need Asuna done for Anime Boston because my friend wants to do Kirito with me really badly. I'm pretty sure he already has his being made.. It'd be a really big thing for us and I know it's going to be beautiful but I really want to do something from one of my fandoms.
Monokuma's p cool and I wanna do Asahina so I can go to a con with a bunch of donuts and eat them all day and still be in character. I mean how awesome does that sound? I also host the Tumblr blog, IsDanganRonpaOutYet, and I really want to do a DR cosplay for my followers. My admin name is Overlord Monokuma.
Haru, well. I love to provide fan service and I found a way to make me look manish and buff for topless characters. I don't really want to make the top on my own because that's part of the body I'm not good at drawing, but I'm afraid if I order one front hellocosplay it won't be the right skin tone.
And lastly Attack on Titan stuff. I watched it all but when I first saw Sasha eating that potato, I fucking knew I wanted to be her. And there's just in general a lot of SNK characters from the survey corps that I want to do. But here comes the trouble. I can either buy the full blown thing for myself, or I can by a couple of jackets for me and my friends and make the rest. I really want to include my friends in this, but I really don't want to make the belts on my own. Oh my god they're insane. So if you guys pick this please say whether you'd like to see me have it done really well, or if you'd like to see me and a couple of friends with half finished cosplays.
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So uhm. I haven't posted a journal here for a while. Uhm. It's because my videos are on hiatus. The earliest I'll be coming out of hiatus is after AAC. I've just in an awful creative block. I just can't come up with anything and I'm hoping that the con will bring me out of it. 
But yeah. wow.

I'll be going to AAC. uhm. I'm p sure that I didn't get my panel. Because it's past October first and I haven't gotten an email? Iunno, they really suck with online communication.. Sorry but it's true. I love this con. It was my first con in 2009.. but really. It's awful. I haven't even heard back about my masquerade entree. But I guess none of my friends have either? So I think it's just them not being able to get back as quickly as they should.. wow I'm being mean. 

ON TO BRIGHTER THINGS. I'm getting my Homura cosplay. I planned on commissioning my friend Kelsey, but she had things come up and she's overwhelmed, so I had to order from someone else so I'd have it in time for AAC. I have my wig right now. I haven't been able to post an update picture about that because I lost my webcam and I'm just too lazy to make "new wig" photos with a real camera. I'm still waiting on the cosplay though. But it should be coming any day now. Maybe next Tuesday. I'll post a picture then because golly I'll just be so happy.

For AAC I'm only going Saturday, I'll be Homura just about the whole time but for my masquerade skit I'm going to be Sebastian. I cannot say anything more about the masque! Ahhh! I'm so excited about it. It's going to be great. Even if I don't get out of my creative block, I'll be sure to have someone record that for me and post it on my channel.<3 I'll probably vlog too. Maybe not. Because I might be doing a Puella Magi Madoka Magica cosplay music video. I have everyone but Kyouko. But I don't know. I deff have a PMMM cosplay group though<3 that's exciting. I might make Homura's bazooka. Maybe. I want too. I just need some sort of large tube to craft it into.
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I just uploaded my Sunday upload! I hope you guys enjoy! I had a lot of fun recording and editing. 

If you have anything negative to say about my video please read the description first. I already broke down my flaws and I just /really/ don't want to hear it.

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So I like to call myself a 24/5 cosplayer. People say 24/7 meaning they do it all the time. And I mean, I cosplay a lot, I'll admit it, but I don't cosplay ALL the time.

I've been like this since 7th grade. And when I first joined my ex-cosplay group, one of the girls straight forwardly said to me that she thought it was weird that I cosplayed in public SOOO often even if I didn't have other people cosplaying with me. ((Guess what, now she's starting to cosplay to school and stuff...)) But anyways, I kinda wanted to tell you why I do cosplay so often in public. alone.

A while ago I was at the Market Basket in Tilton and I found a girl wearing a Sakura Miku wig. In that moment, I was SOOOO FUCKING excited. It's something that we can wear so straight forwardly to advertise, I'm a cosplayer. I cosplay in public, alone, in hope of people like me, at the super market, will come up to me and fan girl for just a couple minutes. I like making those friends. When I saw that girl in a Sakura Miku wig, I started slapping my dad in the arm. I remember saying "Dad.. Oh my god Dad, look..! That girl's wearing a wig.. It's not a cheap Walmart wig. Dad, that's a cosplay wig." Keep in mind, this whole time, my Dad was just quietly walking with the shopping cart like I wasn't being a freak show. I finally say "I'm going over there, I'm saying hi. That girl is going to be my new friend." And I did! It was great! We talked about the Vocaloids we cosplay and me being an overwhelmed dork in public (who almost wore a wig but didn't... stupidstupidstupid..) I forgot everything. I told them I had like 13 wigs, they asked me what colors I had, I couldn't name any of them. I forgot to trade names, I forgot to get any solid contact like a Facebook or a Tumblr (I gave them mine) but I did some hard internet searching and I found them!
But long story short, wearing the things I do, really opens my door for people who also cosplay to come and talk to me. And I have met some people this way! I've met some really awesome people! And that really out weighs the weird looks and snarky comments. (Sometimes the weird looks are also fun.) So if you've been on the fence about publicly cosplaying, I recommend you do it if you can handle the weird looks and the occasional rude comment. It can be really worth it. And I promise, if I see you in cosplay, I'll run up to you and compliment you and possibly hug you.
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So here's this week's video. It's Vocaloid Live Action CMV. Hope you enjoy!

I made the CMV with a friend at my little cousin's birthday party (he just turned 4!). My friend Liv and I have been thinking about making a cosplay group together. But Iunno. I kinda walk on eggshells at the thought of a cosplay group because of my experience in the past. But we're absolutely going to make more videos together in the future. Not terribly often, but as often as possible (:

I'm commissioning my Homura cosplay so it'll be done for AAC. It's going to be fabulous~ I can't wait! But I have to pick another cosplay. I have a poll and it's back story posted on my tumblr, you don't have to read it all, but your feedback on what one I should get would be great! If you don't have a tumblr, please leave a comment here.
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New Video! - NEW COSPLAY!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 3:20 PM…
There it is. So I just swapped my video upload day of the week from Wednesday to Sunday. I figured it'd be easier because school's starting back up. It give me time to record all week and possibly record last minute things. Then I can edit all day Saturday, render it and have it up on Sunday.
I start school this Thursday.

On another note! If you've "Liked" my Favebook page, you'd see in my "Behind the Scenes" photo album that I've been working on a dress. I just finished it and picked up a couple of accessories yesterday. So I have another cosplay that I can start taking pictures/record in. 

Here's the picture of the dress:…
The picture was taken with my webcam so it sucks plus I was too lazy to take off my shirt for the pic, but the dress is white.
Here's the accessories I picked up:…

I haven't announced what it is yet; any guess?
Hint: it's been on my cosplay list for a while but has no photos yet.

I also finished a new business card since I finally got all my URLs under TheCosplayVlogger. I should have them printed and ready to had out to people I meet in a couple of weeks~

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New Video! - New video day of the week

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 11:31 AM
Just uploaded! It's not as entertaining as the usual stuff, but I had to post it at some point xD

I'm changing my day of  the week when I upload videos to Sunday! So something will be up this Sunday too!