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Webcomix United Extravaganza

A big crossover / mashup of some of the far out webcomics out there, by :iconreinder:, :iconrincewindmog:, :iconjcihouski:, :iconcu-morrigan:, and :iconjay042:
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LPHogan's avatar
I lack words... except for AWESOME! :-)

... remind me to keep an even closer eye on your comic in the future... ;-)
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Ok idol, I will😀
Thanks you for the nice words, glad you like it!
Reinder's avatar
Are you going to do a comic featuring this line-up?
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Ha, no this was just for fun. Though that that would be very cool!

I have thought of doing some cameos in the future but I would ask permission first.
Reinder's avatar
You have it. 
jay042's avatar
Ditto on Kaza and Gwenna
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Thanks very much! It would be awesome to have these guys together! 😃Hm...
Reinder's avatar
Well, while I am in no position to contribute new art or scripts (gotta finish up my backlog first, in my copious spare time), I can usually spare some time to advise on scripts and continuity, if anyone were to do this sort of project.
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Appreciate it, Reinder! I also have too many things going on right now, aside from doing a little fan-art here and there I wouldn't be able to contribute to such a project.
There might be the possibility of a tie-in though, I thought of that. A little bit what you did with the page of Abui, but perhaps a bit more extensive. Perhaps next year, in a new story arc.
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