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Visit at the Bleeding Rose

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Marcus and Lori, vampiric friends of The Odds and Section P, have a club for bloodsuckers and other suckers.
And  since it’s been a little while since Marcus was at the Fortress with them (in quarantine, no less) Blue Knight suggests to Jesse Brain and Jung-La to pay a visit. It is a peculiar placewith its own rules- befitting these two eternal vampires who never lived according to the mortal rules of society.

The three spend some time getting ready, so as to fit in a little better, and off they go!
Dennis, the Blue Knight, is also especially looking forward to seeing Lori again, as they hit it off the last time.
Jesse has no trouble getting into the fashion sense of the Bleeding Rose, but is a little surprised by the debauchery and ... blood sucking shenanigans.
Jung-La feels out out of place,altogether, having never quite let go of her more traditional and innocent attitudes towards the carnal pleasures.
But both are willing to overcome their reservations for a night of distraction from the world’s troubles, and to see their favorite hunky vampire.

The Bleeding Rose, Marcus, Lori and Section P created by cyberkitten01 
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totally missed this, this looks awesome!

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Thank you! This was fun :-)
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They really could use such distractions! :D

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Fantastic! Jung-La pulls off gothic belle so nicely :love: and what can I say about Jesse's outfit. Blue Knight really rocking it tonight!

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Yay! I wanted to portray shared spirits tonight but also their differences. Jesse would be kore versed in this gothic world, but the Bleeding Rose is a whole new level! For Jung-La this is a very different world, but just like Jesse she was determined to come see our vampiric friends. Thankfully Dennis is totally fired up!
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OOOOH! Jessie finally visits the Bleeding Rose! I like her outfit :3

Jung La is so adorable! SO! ADORABLE!!!

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Thank you! Yes she seemed to miss our vampiric friends, too, and wanted to see what all the fuss is about!
Jung-La a bit out of her element but even more adorable because of that :-)
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Looks to be a gateway to danger and pain.

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I cant help but wonder, are there any complications when a vampire drinks superhero blood? - or- vice versa?

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An interesting question! She-Hulk was created through a blood transfusion from her cousin, after all...
With these three beauties, there’s (almost) no dangers, as they are regular mortals with no super-powers, except Jung-La who has currently a green, symbiotic life-form in her body- and in her blood...
:iconcyberkitten01: might have an answer, since these are his vampires.
I assume the only effect is her blood might just taste a bit like... celery ;-)
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CB is on the money. Unless the blood is the source of their power, it's just food to these vamps. And Marcus hates celery

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Good to know! Thank you for your valid input in these most intriguing questions :D
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