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The Bare Pit fan comic (1 of 5)

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Fan-comic for the naturist comic The Bare Pit. Next page here:

The original strip was offline for a bit, but it seems back again:…

All characters copyright Stephen Crowley / Toons au naturel, except: The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, that others might use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.
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I understand that the whole point of Jenny Everywhere is that she can be used by anyone, but why do people use her? Is it just for the novelty of having a character that anyone can use, because technically, there were quite a few of those long before she came along. What is it about this character in particular that stands out? What draws people to her? Anyone can use her, but why should anyone want to? Especially since she has such a vague description, most of her appearances just end up being OCs with an extra faux-legal paragraph stapled on. 
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Nobody forces you to use her if you don’t like the concept.
I think it’s nice to have a connected tissue between completely unrelated comics. Besides Octobriana, i am not aware of other characters that you were able to do that with, or that gained any sort of traction.
It’s not perfect and there’s other ways to do it, but I don’t quite get your frustration about it.
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Thanks! A labor of love!
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Why is Loxie dreaming about sawing wood?
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Lol it's the old cartoon symbol for someone snoring... :-)
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Gotta hand it to Jenny, she finds a new way to arrive every time :-)
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just so you know, the bare pit comic went offline a few months ago due to questionable mantinecne
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Yeah I saw that it went down, sad to see it go… The Loxie and Zoot pages are still up though.
Perhaps the cartoonist will feel his inspiration come back one day, or at least make the pages available again.

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I should have noticed, it was the whole of Webcomicnations that was down for the count for a couple of weeks, other comics went missing too... :-|

At least everything's back in order now :-)
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Yes when I was looking for color reference it was down, so a few things I played by ear. I'm glad it's back up again 😅
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Surprise, surprise¡ :D
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