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The All-New, All Different Section P

And there came a time when the entire New Section P fell into a dimensional rift during a beach vacation- but then, a group of travelers from an alternate reality arrived and demanded to see the Section P, for a matter of gravest importance for all of reality!

so Prof Madison came up with a plan, to draft friends and colleagues to quickly form a replacement Section P! They went into the future to fight incredible battles and defeat threats to reality, as the Section P Of The 33rd Century!

Happy Belated April Fools!!!

Rush as Blue Knight
Captain Perfect as Rhys
Prof Madison bonding with Balthus and coloring him blue- as Cassandra
Claire Jones as Kate Five, the leader
Jeanette as Centennia, her girlfriend and most powerful hero in the world
Mixtli as Lacrecia
Phantom Pistoleer as Battle Angel
Jesse Brain as the Nexus Girl / Child Of Satan
Jung-La using the medallion to become a Burst Lion

The Original Section P and Jeanette created by :iconcyberkitten01:
Rush by :iconxailenrath-universe:
Mixtli by :icontulio19mx:
Phantom Pistoleer by :icongwynplainest:
Burst Lion by :iconburstlion:
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I'm a sucka for a good alternate reality story, so this is right up my ally. Everyone looks great. This could go beyond April Fools day.