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Section P Season 2, Episode 10

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Presented in partnership with my collaborator cyberkitten01 

In this exciting new series, the Secret Section P is fighting for truth and justice in the concrete jungle of New York City!

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While Centennia and Kate Five were taking steps towards getting pregnant to fulfill the vision of the future they saw on their last adventure, Taki and Quincy were returning from Europe from their battle with Ohmega. They entered the Fortress of Evening to find the dastardly Harvester using his Power Dampening(TM) technology to subdue all the residents of the Fortress of Evening, and even the surprised new arrivals were neutralized quickly. 

- - -

Section P Animated Season 2, Episode 10 - Equilibrium

The Fortress of Evening had fallen. Muffled cries of despair and diabolical laughter could be heard. Harvester was terribly pleased with himself. The Odds and Section P were helpless in his grasp, powerless due to his evil technology.

Busy celebrating his victory, taunting and tormenting the helpless heroes, Harvester missed one tiny detail- the green sling that had just held Taki’s baby clone had vanished into the shadows. Balthus, the strange creature that was a spawn of Kate and Kimberly, had to stay away from the weakening rays of Harvester’s tech, but for the time being, it was free and undiscovered.

Off to the side, not in the radius of the green rays was also Jung-La, bound with thick ropes. Without any super powers, Harvester was not wasting his technology on her. After the initial attack, she was gaining finally consciousness, but she could not move an inch.

Carefully, with a questioning look in his weird eyes, the green blob-like creature was moving towards her, Jung-La realizing the only way to save her friends was to join forces with it. She shuddered at the thought of letting the symbiotic being become one with her, but it would give her the amazing power needed to overthrow their captor.

”It’s ok” she mouthed quietly towards Balthus, nodding, and it understood. Jung-La closed her eyes and felt the essence of the strange being take over her body and mind.

By the time Harvester noticed some movement behind him, it was too late. A terrifying green figure with wavy hair and razor sharp claws tore into his power dampener, and into him. 

Having averted the crisis, the friends could finally enjoy their reunion, though everybody was aware that things were changing at the Fortress. Taki and Quincy were going to focus on raising their child, and if Kate and Centennia were successful their priorities would shift as well. Jung-La was now the fourth symbiotic heroine in the Fortress, and a newer, younger Generation of heroes was eager to prove themselves.

But they knew, they would face every new challenge heroically, and, together. 
- - -

Quincy, The Phantom Pistoleer appears courtesy of Gwynplainest  
Balthus, Taki, Nexi and the New Section P appear courtesy of cyberkitten01 
The Harvester appears courtesy of burstlion  
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Symbiotic heroines are gaining space here! :D
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It's hard to keep count :-)
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Bwaaahaha! Excellent :) Nexi looks amazing, as does Jung-La :D
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Thank you! I’m glad you like the grande finale! All based on your setup and suggestions!
Nexi looks good even in defeat, and Jung-La, well there’s a new symbiotegirl in town! And she’s not kidding!
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Oh, and funny thing is, now they do have Harvester’s technology, one of the means needed to use on Centennia for their greater goal :D
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Oh! True! How didn't I think of that
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Yes! It’s true. They have all the tools now :D
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Wiiiild!  Jung-La has one heck of an upgrade now!  Oh Harvester, you fool, you've really boned up this time XD

Fantastic work, man!
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Thanks man! Glad you like the wiiild ride!
Well Harvester did have a victory, even if it was relatively short. I guess he has to pay for it now!
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