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Crossovers: Spun-Off meets Tales To Behold

Starting a series of crossovers with other webcomic worlds that I enjoy, with the greatest respect for the original creators.

This image features characters from :iconreinder:'s fantasy webcomic Spun-Off meeting my characters from Tales To Behold.
On the left hand side: the ityphallic god Wakatonka, the faeries Gavin, Finbar and Neive (Spun-Off)
In the right half: Merv The Griffin, The Blue Knight, Captain Evening, Centennia and Jenny Everywhere (gosh I forgot The Human Skeleton, oops!)

Tales To Behold is here:…

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.
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I just now noticed that you missed out Jenny Everywhere's copyleft statement.
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Good catch! Woah this is an old piece, fun to revisit.
LPHogan's avatar
I wholeheathy approve and applauds this venture! :-)
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Thanks very much 😀
So far, I'm only planning to do some mash-up pics of several webcomics with my characters. But, as both :iconjay042: and :iconreinder: have been kind to allow their characters making an appearance in my comics, I am thinking about some ideas...
LPHogan's avatar
I like those ideas ;-)

... and because of your recent ideas and results thereof, I finally got myself together to set up :iconwebcomiccrossovers:
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Thanks, good to hear! I will keep it in my head till it sprouts!

And excited to see this new DA page! In turn it gives me more incentive to continue my little series of X-over pics! :-D
LPHogan's avatar
Wohoo! It that case I consider the group a success already! :-)
Reinder's avatar
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