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Scott Lang aka Ant-Man II

I know Hank Pym is the original guy, but when I first read Marvel, Scott was wearing the costume, while Pym was semi-retired, so I always enjoy Scott popping up, like last year in the FF series by Fraction and Allred.

It was legendary when he and the Wasp single-handedly took down Titania and the Absorber in The Avengers #275. A nice roundup about those formative years of his career can be found here

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This is pretty cool old school! :D
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Yep, inspired by those 80s Avengers comics… Scott Lang was just a guest back then!
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cool job! i love the semitone fx, how did you made them?
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Thanks very much! It's a Photoshop filter called "halftone", though it takes some adjusting a figuring out for best results. I like using it in the greyscale mode.
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thanks for the advise!! i'll try it. Check my art
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Welcome. Great stuff! Keep it up!
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Oh yeah, sure! I just thought the current jam is about movie Ant-Man, while this is comics Ant-Man…
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I remembered getting the second issue he appeared in, fighting that oversized dude.  :D
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No, he was some guy with pink skin and on steroids and died because his pacemaker overloaded.
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Ah Scotty.. how you got blown up good in Avengers Disassembled

He had a brief relationship with my favourite Marvel heroine Jessica Jones. It was awesome
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I missed the 2000s in Marvel mostly, so I never read the Jessica Jones stuff. I did start reading the dissassembled storyline, and quickly stopped… too sensitive for that!
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Yeah, you wouldn't have enjoyed! I'm super excited that Jessica Jones is going to be one of the Marvel Netflix series. I love her!
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Nice work!  He looks like he's ready to deck someone :la:
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Thank you! Another tribute to a childhood hero :-)
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I always liked Pym in his red jumpsuit era. He used the shrinking powers a bit more intelligently around then, shrinking and enlarging items instead of himself.
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
It was an interesting take, there are so many shrinking and growing heroes by now… that jumpsuit phase was more unusual. And he fit in well with the West Coast Avengers! Also, he seemed finally at peace with himself. Of course, that didn't last forever…
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