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Afternoon At The Cafe

Motherhood doesn't take a break, even if you are a famous, extremely powerful super hero.
Centennia enjoying some personal time with Captain Perfect, Claire Jones, and baby Claire.

Channeling cyberkitten01 's technique, since these lovelies are part of his Section P saga (and he co-created Claire).
I don't know how he does it-- working this realistically takes me forever! But very pleased with the result. Definitely something else than my usual scratchy stuff!
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TULIO19mx's avatar

Yes, amazing work!! She looks beautiful doing mother stuff!

I agree, realistic pics take like a eternity!! :D

ZhaxRa's avatar

Lovely composition and a different style to boot. Nice work!

Zabhela111's avatar

Beautiful scene and artwork. Background, posing, faces, overall composition.... superb.

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cyberkitten01's avatar

This is absolutely incredible :) What an amazing result. Sorry it took you a while! I've been drawing and colouring the same way for years, so my workflow is pretty tight :D

TheCosmicBeholder's avatar

Thank you kindly, coming from you it always means a lot :-D

Yeah I think I spend too much time with the background, assembling it out of fragments. I get obsessive! Loose working is better for my deposition, but this way just makes it feel so real!

maltorramus's avatar

oh my!! Is it just me or Claire and Perfect are looking at Cent's exposed breast

burstlion's avatar

FANTASTIC work on everybody in this piece!! This really is super different from your usual style, but it's still very much "you"! A beautiful vision of motherhood, as well :)

Great work!! :la:

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