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More Birthday Pinups!

A belaaated gift to :icondennia:

Drew this pretty quickly and did a lot of experimenting nothing that I actually used but some things learned.

Also wanted to keep it simple and appealing. And I'm happy with how it turned out. I plan on doing more with a tone such as this.

Now back to finishing commissions haha!

*edit* rounded out her chin thanks to ~T0mps suggestion.
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I really love your work!
Hello. Awesome work! I just opened a ecig juice company and I would love to use your pinup girls for labels on my bottles. Email me at if you would like. Thanks!
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I really like this.
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Coquine la pin up
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So perfect! :)
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This is AWESOME! It's so simple yet so sexy! been looking at  a lot of your other work and I have to say,this one nails it for me.Can you do some more in this style???
Love it!
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I really appreciate that!

I typically will find after a while I'll not like some of my work for some reason or another, but in this case I really like it and that is quite refreshing.

I will definitely try more in this simple style.
Chris, do you play Forza Motorsport 4 on the XBOX 360? I recently saw this exact drawing being sold on a car in the game! I'm a big fan of your work, so when I saw it I had to tell you about it.
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You serious?!

I don't play the game. I used to. Wow! I would really like to see it though!
I'll see if I can buy the car and take a photo for you.
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That would be awesome, I'd love to see it if you get a chance to!!
I have a photo of it, how can I get it to you?
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Oh really!!?

My e-mail is:
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