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Betty and Veronica

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Here's a commission done for :iconmarkanthonylo: of Betty and Veronica!! I've been meaning to draw there characters for foreeevvverr! Why haven't I? What's wrong with me!!?

Here is another version, with Betty having lost her top somewhere. :lol:
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Betty did not lose her top exactly. Veronica stole it!! Peek-a-boo at that sweet Betty booty!! Veronica has the latest cellphone to video the great unveiling. Archie, Reggie, Jughead, and Moose would love to see this!! Unless Betty becomes Veronica's sex slave.

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Even as Betty was holding onto her thong when those believe Veronica was to get an up skirt shot of Betty especially her sweet pussy.

Hot ladies from the comics and the cartoons. Great design and background art style. Love it. 😍
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Ah, two of Archie's girls   :)  jades locker room fun,  He He    :D
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Next, a nasty/sexy catfight ensued....I hope!
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..Oh you KNOW that happened. :P
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I didn't think Veronica had it in her to get a shot of Betty's butt. ;) 
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2 gorgeous beauties ;) Beautiful :D
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Most definitely!! Thanks!
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You're very welcome
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What do you charge for a commission?
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I'm actually not taking them at this point as I am getting ready for a convention. Stay tuned!!

But, here are my prices since you asked. ;P…
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Quite lovely, indeed. If the Betty and Veronica comics were like this, I actually would've read them.
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