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I tried to depict the unpleasantness of a migraine, with the tentacle thingies coming out of the mouth representing nausea, and the ones coming out of the eyes representing the auras that accompany my migraines and/or the pain of bright light. Completing this piece ironically became a headache itself because the stippling took FOREVER.

A better picture will be taken when it is returned by the College Board, as this was one of my quality pieces for my AP Art portfolio. Made with Staedtler pigment liner pens sizes 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5.
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10/400 second
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6 mm
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May 11, 2011, 1:02:29 PM
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Wow, I didnt fully appreciate this until I realized the stippling! Initially I was attracted by the tentacles, what a great visual manifestation.
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I am experiencing Migraine :/
so I can feel this
nice work friend
great description. saw this on national headache foundation on facebook. we also have two names the same. add me on facebook if you want. Addison Beck.
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incredible work :)
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It is just amazing!
I guess if I was a painter, I would painted something like this too.
You know,for me,the most annoying of migraine is this f**king aura of eyes,sometimes I want to shot myself through the head >.<
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Yes, thats exactly the feeling of a migraine. Great work, I see myself in that when I have one. Amazing piece of art.
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first thing that comes to mind is mein eyes ! the goggles do nothing ! the goggles they are broken by mein eyes !
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Wow, describes a migrane perfectly
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I've met him! Nice idea. :-)
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Haha yeah it feels like that sometimes ^^
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You captured that feeling perfectly...well done!
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Holy cow, this is by far the coolest thing I have seen on here in a while. Brilliant concept. Really nice work.
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It really does give the 'feeling' that migraines give - from one who suffers. And I think that stippling 1) does give headaches, heh... and 2) is a great choice to use for shading as it's almost how migraines feel: either a throbbing, or a constant darting of pain. Great job!!!!
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Have a migraine right now,and this pic pretty much sums it up.
Excellent details and shadowing.
I'm pretty awful with that kind of stuff.
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i shared this piece and provided a link to it at: [link] - this is an example of a picture painting 1,000 words if ever i've seen one. :sun:
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Thank you for accepting #Psychology-Art 's request for this fantastic deviation! :love:
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I know the feeling really well. I always end up stippling brain matter and tentacles and then wondering why I have a migraine. (Not kidding! Check out my DA page if you don't believe me)
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This is sweet!
I get this Maynard James Keenan/Tool typ of vibe with this piece.
Well done!
take safely
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i know how this feels so bad. You represented the pain and horror of a migraine almost too well. Knowing it is a stippling drawing makes me even more impressed. Keep up the patience and may your brain be your friend.
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This is great, spot on representation of a Migraine, wonderful drawing. :)
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Exactly what a migraine feels like, it is the perfect depiction...Excellent work!
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