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There are certain points in your life when it changes, when you change and everything around you starts looking different. You can feel them, because their impact on you is so intense that it takes your breath away. You can feel them, because you notice that they engrave themselves in your brain, in your heart and in every fibre of your body. Sometimes, they come creeping, slowly, take their time and sometimes they crush down on you like an asteroid falling from the sky, like a bomb exploding, and then they are just here. Accept me, they scream. Good and bad things.

The latter are like kneeling in front of the TV and seeing the most intoxicating music video you've ever seen, like the moment somebody takes your hand and looks at you and really means it, like reading a book that fascinates you so much you project it on people sitting in your bus to school or like a really good talk in the middle of the night when you notice that there is another person just like you and you've never even noticed. It's like Heath Ledger dying or Cedric Diggory getting to star in a movie that was yours only.

The other things are the ones that take more time to notice, but you don't think of them until somebody points them out or when you look up and think Really? Like, when you notice that Metal gives you headaches and it always sounds the same and you really prefer Alternative because it sends shivers down your spine, when you feel uncomfortable in your old Chucks-And-Nirvana-Shirt outfit, it's like driving your own car, windows down, smoke in your lungs or noticing that your hair looks better blond and you don't have to dye it to be something or to define yourself.

It's like growing up.
Something I found on my PC. I wrote it about a year ago, for my best friend :love:
She's the talk in the middle of the night ;)
You don't have to ask what the music video was I watched when I was 15 :) (Of COURSE it was Helena ♥ )
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