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Welcome! Please Read 'THE GUIDELINES'

:bulletred: We are currently looking for admins. Requirements: Admins must be awesome artists or writers, who can give constructive criticism and devote about 30 minutes/week to the group. Perks: After you've been accepted feel free to: INVITE NEW MEMBERS!!!, submit deviations freely, vote on gallery submissions, add art and lit of others to the group's 'favourites' and galleries, suggest a blog, host or judge a theme, challenge or contest. Note the group or msklystron if you would like to apply.
:bulletred: Got something to say? :eager: Marthfador will be hosting The Controversy's 'Blog Forums'. Stop by to discuss controversial topics selected by the host once a month.

:bulletred:Join Today!
If this is the type of group you'd be interested in, Membership is currently on auto-approve for members, so feel free to join and submit art right away. :)

Okay, you'’ve just put the finishing touches on your creation and your cursor is hovering over the “submit to a group” button. Procrastinate immediately! Please take a few moments to read The Controversy's guidelines and Philosophy below:

:bulletred:The Controvery's Philosophy:bulletred:

:bulletblue: The Controversy accepts only work that is thought-provoking and has artistic merit. Not just thought-provoking and not just artistic, but BOTH together. (Please see our definitions of ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘artistic merit’ below.) In short, we only accept aritistic visual art or literature that leaves viewers and readers with a novel message to ponder.
:bulletblue: The Controversy does not reject submissions just because they deal with controversial themes or subject matter. We do not, however, accept work just because it is controversial. It must also have 'artistic merit'.
:bulletblue: The Controversy does not reject submissions just because they differ from the personal beliefs or views of the group’s admins. All viewpoints are welcome. We do, however, adhere to dA's standards for pornography, Hate and plagiarism, which may be found in ‘Help’ FAQ. Submissions must be labelled ‘mature’ or ‘sensitive’ where appropriate.

:bulletred:MEMBER GUIDELINES:bulletred:

Submitting to Galleries
:bulletblue: The Featured Gallery: Do not submit here. It is for admin use only. This gallery is to showcase the best art and lit selected from blog discussions, seasonal galleries or themes, challenges and contests.

:bulletblue:Visual Art and Literature galleries: Submit your artistic and thought-provoking art or lit to the appropriate gallery. Members may submit once a day. Contributors may submit their work and the work of outstanding dA artists freely.
:bulletpink:No plagiarism! We accept only original work, or work that takes the artwork or writing of others in a new, artistic and thought-provoking direction. Artists, especially demotivationalists, stock and copyrighted material must be used in accordance with dA’s standards and properly cited in your artist’s comments. Non-fiction writers, please refer to and follow Wikipedia's standards for proper citation:…
:bulletpink:Getting Declined: You may argue for the inclusion of your piece in the group’s gallery. :) The admins will listen. We would like to think we’'re fair and open-minded. If your piece is still deemed unacceptable, by all means re-read the guidelines and try re-submitting your edited piece or try submitting something new.
:bulletpink:Lengthy Prose/Chaptered Stories: Writers, we feel for you, with your mole-like pallor and rumpled pyjama bottoms, spending endless nights in a metaphoric word-haze... but not enough to allow you to submit your entire screenplay or novel. All literary submissions must be readable in one sitting (under 7500 words). Since the main purpose of this group is provoking thought and discussion, choose one scene, the prologue or the first chapter, which best introduces the main theme of your magnum opus. Link to the remaining scenes or chapters in your artist’s comments.

:bulletblue:Critique Gallery: If you want a critique, it's polite to give a critique. Always give criticism that is respectful and constructive and receive criticism with grace.

:bulletblue:Guides and Resources Gallery: Giving back is appreciated. Please submit your well-written and helpful guides and other resources.


:bulletblue:How Do We Define Art?
Art, whether visual or literary, adapts and evolves. It pushes aesthetic and intellectual boundaries. The Admins are kind of hoping you'’ll show us what artistic merit can be. However, for the purposes of submitting to this group, it will be defined as a form of communication that makes a novel and bold or subtle comment about the human condition, human nature or art itself, in an original, imaginative, expressive, experimental and intelligent way through a medium, such as pixels, paint, pen or prose. Art and lit submissions must also exhibit sufficient technical skill to convey their theme.
:bulletblue:How do we define ‘Thought-provoking’?
Poke us in the brain with your art or lit stick! Again, we are looking to members to show us what provokes thought. In general, we are looking for work that has a message, theme or deals with subject matter that is novel, controversial or pushes boundaries, artistically and intellectually. Your submissions should be memorable and leave the viewer or reader with something brainspace-worthy to ponder.

:bulletred:Themes, Challenges & Contests:bulletred:

:bulletblue:Submit your art, photos or lit to group themes, challenges and contests regularly. :eager: Put your brilliant entries into the dedicated gallery (unless otherwise instructed). Members may also suggest theme or challenge ideas on the group blog or in a note to TheControversy. Admins will select the entries that examine theme in the most original and interesting way and feature them in the... ‘Featured’ gallery. :D Be sure to :+fav: contest blogs and tell all of your friends as well. All competitions are open to members and non-members alike unless otherwise stated.

:bulletred:Your News!:bulletred:

:bulletblue:Members whose work earns a DD or a DLD, should please let us know and we’'ll feature them in a blog and in our 'Featured' gallery. If you have any other news that would somehow make this group seem more awesome by your presence, like, say, you know Johnny Depp personally, don’t hesitate to tell us. :D

Cheers! :)

-- Written by msklystron and edited by QyJx and re-edited ad infinitum by msklystron... :D


fantastical by mustafakucuk fantastical :iconmustafakucuk:mustafakucuk 13 2 she's a good cook by AshleyDoesStuff
Mature content
she's a good cook :iconashleydoesstuff:AshleyDoesStuff 28 12
at loss.... by derkert at loss.... :iconderkert:derkert 45 38 American Gothic by Wrath-of-the-Sheep American Gothic :iconwrath-of-the-sheep:Wrath-of-the-Sheep 68 29 Crying child by derkert Crying child :iconderkert:derkert 59 37 The Pursuit Of Happiness by RayOf86 The Pursuit Of Happiness :iconrayof86:RayOf86 8 2 The Legs by Coltography The Legs :iconcoltography:Coltography 791 273 Falling Inside the Black by AnnaBelial
Mature content
Falling Inside the Black :iconannabelial:AnnaBelial 1,270 277
Overindulgence by walkingconflict Overindulgence :iconwalkingconflict:walkingconflict 19 11 My Closet by Humanization My Closet :iconhumanization:Humanization 47 45 073 by olorym 073 :iconolorym:olorym 223 51 Suits by Spinewinder Suits :iconspinewinder:Spinewinder 51 42 forgive my pride by Humanization forgive my pride :iconhumanization:Humanization 289 415 Oppression by Humanization Oppression :iconhumanization:Humanization 13 19
god, or something like it
God, or Something Like it
My name is Victor Camilleri, and if you’re reading this, then I don’t exist.
If you know that right now I’m sitting in a government prison camp somewhere in Southern Africa, then I’m just a fictional character and none of this is real. But the whole concept of reality is a bit subjective.
This seems real to me. The pain of the bruises from yesterday’s beating don’t feel fictional. I think this is the warm salty taste of blood in my mouth where two of my teeth used to be. The searing burning sensation of the cut on my right cheek doesn’t feel like a literary device. But if you do exist, and you are reading this, then I guess this is all moot.
I hear shooting coming from the road outside. Someone’s yelling. None of the other prisoners seem to pay it any notice. There’s always shooting and yelling coming from outside; they have more important things to worry about.
The room is big, like a miniature warehouse. The walls
:iconbltoaster:bltoaster 7 1

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Recent Journal Entries

Beyond whether you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed in an editorial, what makes it well written?  I bring this up because opinions and (respectful) debate are a main focus for this group.  To me, besides the qualities that make any lit good, editorials have to convince or at least open the mind in some small way.  This means using carefully-crafted, sometimes passionate prose, and a clear theme well supported by valid arguments and accurate facts.  In other words, writing practices that are fair, honest and intelligent.  A couple of sites I've found myself running to far too often for unbiased and accurate information are: and  All over the nets I'm seeing way too much partisan language (labels, double-speak and catch phrases) and misinformation due to a general failure to use and cite reliable, verifiable sources -- in other words, sloppy research and lazy writing.  I'm tired of editorials that read like opposing sides lobbing misaimed balls of verbal excrement at one another. It reminds me of the French/ Brit confrontation scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail.  "I fart in your general direction" still makes me laugh, especially when I think it could be a 'windy' day.  

Here's a letter I wrote to the education minister of my province over a decade ago.  I was pretty proud of it at the time and it was read in the legislature (a modest honour in the Great White North).  I realize you won't be familiar with the particular issues, so just give it a quick scan and assume that I did the requiste fact-checking before I put pen to paper.  I'm simply putting it up here as a 'good' example of using prose to present a viewpoint and convince:

Dear [minister],

Please give me 10 good reasons why I shouldn’t move my four children into the private school system.  Sadly, I can give you 10 reasons why I should.  I say sadly because I support the notion of public schooling, the idea that all children have an equal right to a first-rate education despite economic status, learning ability, language barriers, race or religion.  But five years of turmoil in public education in this province culminating in the appointment of a supervisor to run the Toronto District School Board in place of democratically elected trustees have left me feeling disenfranchised as a citizen and a parent.  So, I am willing to set aside my high ideals to ensure that my children will receive a decent education in the private system for the following reasons:

1. The province has made private school tuitions affordable for my family through the Equity in Education Tax Credit.  I had considered home schooling, but there is no recognition within the tax system for my time or income loss.
2. My children’s education will not be disrupted due to money squabbles between the school trustees, labour and the province and its flawed funding formula.
3. My children will have the programs and supports they need at the elementary level.  (In the case of my children, instrumental music and outdoor education.)
4. Class sizes will be small, and my children and special needs students will receive the supervision and individual attention they require.
5. Parent councils at private schools do not have to raise funds for basic school supplies such as textbooks, gym equipment, technology or library books.  Parent volunteers with time and money to donate will not be asked to give more and more each year to make up for gaps in funding.  
6. Private school buildings and grounds are well kept because there is more to running a school than what goes on in the classroom.  No peeling paint, leaky roof, vermin, filthy carpets and draperies, and no aging boiler that requires constant monitoring.  Also, I will not have to spend another summer’s day with my fellow parents weeding and pruning the school gardens, since unkempt grounds lead to complaints from neighbours and more graffiti and vandalism.  
7. My child’s school will not be threatened with closure.  
8. My children will be safer because there will be adequate staff to administer safe arrivals programs and to spot intruders on school property.  
9. Access to school trustees cannot be taken away from parents.
10. I will not have to fight tirelessly to ensure that my children receive a decent education.  

[Minister], I would rather not become a traitor to my ideals for public education.  If you can provide 10 good reasons why I should not switch my to support the private system, I will seriously consider changing my mind.    


I know I can just scroll on by bad writing.  But here on dA, we have the opportunity to educate others about critical thinking skills, good research practices and good writing.  What advice would you give to writers thinking of penning an editorial?  Writers and readers alike feel free to share your thoughts.  Don't hesitate to share examples of good or not-so-good editorial lit from around dA.

Non-partisan well wishes
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My apologies for being absent.  Art in the real world has drastically cut down on my fun time here on dA.  I owe this site a lot, and really enjoyed meeting the artists here and elsewhere on this site, but I'll have to remain a lurker.  Keep creating and posing questions in your pictures and writings.  Best, msK 
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This group is dead everyone. The founder is gone, one co-founder hasn't been on in months and the other moved to another account.
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Is this group dead? My submission has expired several times now.
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I apologize. I should not have accepted this here.
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Not really. It's a very well-taken shot. You have skills. It's cute, sassy but not particularly experimental or thought-provoking. Keep doing what you're doing and feel free to submit again. You clearly have talent.
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