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Almost 1000 page views!

Fri May 8, 2009, 6:18 AM
As this is my first thousand I will give the one with my 1000 pageview a print of her or his coice.
If the 1000 visitor is a search engine or otherwise does not care for two weeks 1001 get's the prize ;-)
(Don't forget to take a screen shot)

All the best two you and all those deviants other deviants who have been here!


Wed Jan 14, 2009, 1:47 AM
Wow I've been featured by KirlianCamera in his current journal!
That's really a very special hounor to me as I really like his style and many of his pictures (I know, I didn't favourit to many, but I don't want to end up with favourites by only one or two deviants; after all you better follow KirlianCamera yourself!)
I know I wasn't featured for my impressive work or any such, but still it is great!
Have a look at his work!

:thumb98750784: The end of  solstice by KirlianCamera :thumb59447234:

Happy new year to all of you!

As I was "offline" since about christmas this is a rather late entry.
But now I'm back and with me quite a few new deviations. I hope you like one or another!
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Yeah First Journal, first calendar, first day not thinking about any more gifts.

I really love this day.

It just feels so good to be on schedule again. (Well almost at least ;-))

I prepared a calendar for some of my family and I wanted to share it with you:…
It contains some pictures not released to dA in any other form!

Also I'm now almost a year at dA.
It was a really great time, even if I don't have 5000 pageviews or so like :iconx-miss-drawings-x: just now has.
I wouldn't even now what to do with beeing "famous" or so. (Sure I would propably have more money, but money is just another tool; you don't need so much of it)

Right now I think that the next year will turn out great and I think I will be able to turn things the way I want them.

Well, stay tuned, maybe I'll update you ;-)
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