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Strekla and Laika Class Destroyers Compared 2 by TheCommunistDragon Strekla and Laika Class Destroyers Compared 2 :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 5 0 USSR Laika-Class Destroyer 2.0 by TheCommunistDragon USSR Laika-Class Destroyer 2.0 :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0 I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov in Stellaris 4/4 by TheCommunistDragon I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov in Stellaris 4/4 :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0 I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov In Stellaris 3/4 by TheCommunistDragon I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov In Stellaris 3/4 :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 1 0 I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov in Stellaris 2/4 by TheCommunistDragon I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov in Stellaris 2/4 :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0 I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov in Stellaris 1/4 by TheCommunistDragon I piss off Premier Rik Latyeskov in Stellaris 1/4 :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 1 0 Strekla and Laika Class Destroyers Compared by TheCommunistDragon Strekla and Laika Class Destroyers Compared :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 2 0 USSR Laika-Class Destroyer by TheCommunistDragon USSR Laika-Class Destroyer :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 1 0 USSR Strelka-Class Destroyer by TheCommunistDragon USSR Strelka-Class Destroyer :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 1 0 Who Would Win by TheCommunistDragon Who Would Win :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 3 10 Draconic YPG Flag by TheCommunistDragon Draconic YPG Flag :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0 Draconic Strasserist Flag by TheCommunistDragon Draconic Strasserist Flag :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0 Draconic Free Terrority Flag by TheCommunistDragon Draconic Free Terrority Flag :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0 Draconic Anarcho-Capitalist Flag by TheCommunistDragon Draconic Anarcho-Capitalist Flag :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0 Draconic Socialist Flag by TheCommunistDragon Draconic Socialist Flag :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 1 0 Draconic CNT-FAI Syndicalist Flag by TheCommunistDragon Draconic CNT-FAI Syndicalist Flag :iconthecommunistdragon:TheCommunistDragon 0 0


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USSR Laika-Class Destroyer 2.0
Finished the outside,redid some things,added some paint.
The USSR Laika Class Destroyer is second generation of Soviet Space Destroyers,designed before the war with the CCC(Confederation of Corporate Countries) and used extensively. Named after the first dog in space and to honor the USSR Laika(Strelka Class)
The USSR Laika Class Destroyer has an advanced railgun main cannon,multiple missile pods,gatlin turrets,and multiple main cannons. The ship features a huge thruster pack,capable of entering planetary atmosphere unlike it's predecessor the Strelka-Class. It is also much bigger than the Strelka,being a bit more than twice the length.
The Laika class features a dedicated hangar with fighters,bombers,and dropships.
The Laika class uses a Dual-Core Ivanoff Warp-drive,powered by the new Stalinium Reactor,and travels 100 lightyears in a week.
The Laika Class Destroyer is one of the most up to date class of ships of the Soviet Union,and was the main backbone of the Soviet Space Navy for the entire Soviet-Confederate War.

Name: Laika Class
Type: Destroyer
Size: 2000 Meters
Hangar: Fighters,Bombers,and Dropship
Crew size: 3000
Ground Troops: 7500
Ships of the Line: USSR Laika(First)
As I am sitting here writing Season II of Red Rising,I feel myself getting stuck.So with that I ought to sit here and write and give an update on it.

It is currently 9:30 PM EST.
I am currently writing Episode 15 of Red Rising,which means I have completed 4 of them so far.
The number of words of all 4 of these episodes comes down to less than 4000 words.(not counting what has been done in Episode 15 so far)
I'm planning on 30 episodes this season.As you can see,progress has been slow.
Mainly because I'm sitting here procrastinating writing this and not doing a damn thing,and this has been in my free time,not to mention when I'm working,where I can't write anything even if I wanted to.
So yeah,progress is slow.
I've got so much to do though so it stresses me out sometimes,which puts off my writing.I cannot write when stressed or out of the moon.Just can't.
Not writing causes stress,stress causes me not to write.See how that works?

So that's the update for that.
May as well just talk about the future.
Red Rising started out as a semi-fanfiction,inspired by a video Batko the Manarchist made,months ago.
I've published 10 episodes,which are basically like chapters.
Season I was mainly Book I,and Season II willl be Book II.
Originally I planned for Three Seasons,various lengths a piece.But then I expanded it,to seven Seasons.There may be more as time goes on.We're not going to go into details about them though,only Season II for now.
Season II will be involving more war,more action,more conflict,physical and emotional.Season I was an introduction and sugarcoated the conflicts of ideology.Everyone respected everyone else in Season I,and only minor complaints were given.
Season II will tear the sugarcoating right off and throw it your face.There will be physical conflict,political conflict,and emotional conflicts throughout this season.Season III will have the same things,so will Season IV,Season V,Season VI,Season VII and so on.
That covers that.

I'll also take the time to say that I need characters,so please,post a character application in the comments of this video,please try to use the application in the comments,that helps me a lot.  [link]

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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