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Here is a place where many rising artists can share their commission information with others; a place where any deviant can buy and sell commissions.
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21,079 Members
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Welcome to The Commission Catalog!

A place for artists to share and sell their work!

Before you get started, here are some rules:

✔ Follow other's guidelines when it comes to their commission rules
✔ Please only post commission sheets or commission journals to the group
✔ Commissions, Raffles, YCHs, and Adoptables must be payable outside of Patreon
✔ All submissions should be public viewing on DeviantArt
✔ All Commission sheet (if a deviant) mush have its price some where on the submission, not just title or description
✔ Do not advertise your work or commissions on the front page unless you are a member
✔ Do not advertise just your Patreon in submission or the front page
✔ You are allowed to post one advertising comment on the front page a week
✔ Be friendly to one another
✔ Do not criticize each other's beliefs or opinions
✔ Do not criticize other's artwork unless it's constructive criticism
✔ No crazy spamming
✔ Submit to the correct folder
✔ ALWAYS More rules to come
✔ Failure to follow rules and result to being removed from the group

And once again...

Do not advertise your work or commissions on
the front page unless you are a member!







Adoptables + Customs Folder is Back Open

Hopefully it is clean enough to not get refilled within the next few months

Adoptables + Customs Folder is being closed for the mean time as it is full and needs a clean out of sold/abandoned account.This will be the only folder closed for the moment. And will be closed again when I get the energy and time to clean every folder.Adoptable or customs that are submitted to other folders will be denied (unless you sell solely customs with no template/base those will get approved.)

As the sentences above state, the Adoptable + Customs Folder is now closed for cleaning as it has filled up and can no longer be added to. Sense I do not want to make a overflow folder I'm well cleaning out the main folder and once finished it will be opened back up to submit to.
This is the only folder close temporarily and sense I didn't finish the January New Years Clean and will get back to it at some point the folder will again be closed when I do the whole group. But for the emergency fill up I'm doing a quick look and clean over so at least it can be added to again.
All adoptable submitted to normal folder will be denied. However if you sell character designs labeled as "Customs" they will most likely get approved if they are not made from a base, mood boards, closed species, or similar things.
I can not make an estimate on how long the folder will be closed but I'll try to get it done as fast as I can in my current state.
I am aware of the many un-voted on submissions to other folders and will get to them as some point as well, the timer on those submissions are a month long so I should get to them before they get "expired," hold in there I'm doing the best I can at the moment.
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Hello! I'm here again (:
Please read this if you are interessed and can help with something, and I'm so sorry to bother you... I need to sell my commissions to buy my medicines for some health problems that I'm having, to pay for doctor's appointments, and also to help my mom to pay the bills.

Prices (soft style):
head: $15
Halfbody: $20
Fullbody: $25
(Have others art styles that I draw too)

Here is some examples of my work (soft style)
Commission by itsyunny   [CM] Thor and Syerra by itsyunny   Commission For Marieth by itsyunny   [CM] Flowery day by itsyunny  
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