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did u kno u can buy various types of viruses (the disease kind) online
like u can get the bubonic plague for 290.00$ and have it delivered to your own house !! with international shipping ! you can also get rabies for like 438.60$ !!! what a STEAL
guys..... the apyr is so cute i love him
Apyr by Thecommandocoffees
hi can we stop making jokes abt autism now, bcuz as like. an actual autistic person watching youtube memes and then suddenly someone joking abt ''autistic screaming'' is real fockin annoyin ! 
i made a collab with robod0rk check it out
i have a playmoss now ! its basically 8tracks but better. check out my playlists if u wanna hear some good tunes ?…
hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont fave my art if you're a fujoshi. thanks

jhGFFGGGG by Thecommandocoffees
i love robod0rk 
i have a thiscrush now…
also idek how to do journal entries rip