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If you ever see anyone use any of my art without permission or credit, @ ME IMEDIANTLY on a comment on it, or comment a link to it on any of my art, my profile, status, gallery, ANYWHERE just let me know so we can start a really stupid argument, REPORT or both

DO NOT TRACE, COPY OR STEAL ANY OF DIS (Unless it's the REALLY OLD s**t, then I don't care because it sucks anyway)


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Colorless or Kat
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Neko Atsume by cutgut
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What's up, it's Colorless.. or Kat.
I'm in many fandoms.
I love LGBTQ+ pride and cats.
Gay Pride Flag :F2U: by avaKadosAm very much gay, don't care if you don't like that.
Also I am now genderfluid! I don't care what pronouns you give me though.. anything works to me.
Hamilton is great.
I swear a lot, so be warned.
Thank you for checking out my page.
I'd be happy to take art tips and that type of stuff.
I am practicing a lot of things with art.
Though I don't often get that much motivation to draw.

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|F2U| Windows (Rain) by Kuro-qu
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By the way, TOS contains a LOT of sensitive topics.. and will contain lots of cursing.. be warned.. oh yeah, there's some disturbing scenes.. depending on what you really consider disturbing.

Oh yeah, also, this is very purposely told and written badly.. this is an excuse to tell The Oc Story without putting too much real talent or hard work in really writing this garbage.

Srade and Angly

Once upon a time there was a large old kingdom. The was a king named Srade, a void black cat with haunting bright yellow eyes.

There is no other backstory to this kingdom other than that it existed and the king was Srade then.

He became mates with a snow white she-cat with ice blue eyes named Angly, who he may or may not have actually just manipulated into becoming his mate, an abusive relationship.. "yay". Also she became the queen.

Most citizens of this kingdom hated Srade, and started hating Angly too because they thought she supported his bloodthirsty actions, when in reality she hated it too but was too scared of him to do anything.. She was afraid he might just kill her too, but really he wouldn’t because she would have his kits and he doesn’t want to kill those, she was reasonably scared that might happen though.

Srade would really kill anyone without hesitation.. Except Angly.. And his kits.

Some time later three kits are born, a short haired white, one black paw, tom kit with ice blue eyes like Angly, a void black long haired she-kit with emerald green eyes somehow, and a tuxedo cat she-kit with yellow eyes. Their names end up being Rayah, Kira, and KNIFE(clearly named by Srade).

Angly has stayed with Srade due to fear, manipulation, and Stockholm syndrome.

Couple months go by, a group of cats who REALLY hate the king, queen, and their kits, make a plan to assassinate them, they don’t have guns in this world, so they just pour some gasoline or whatever really flammable liquid all around the castle, and when the family went out.. One of the cats lit a match and threw it, setting them ablaze.. Srade, Angly, and KNIFE died that day, it’s unknown what happened to Rayah, his body wasn’t found there. Kira managed to escape the large blaze, running off into the town.

Srade, Angly, and KNIFE, since then, have become three haunting demons. Srade worst of all, cursed the kingdom + the whole side of the island the kingdom was on, into being permanently pitch black dark forever. He’ll kill anyone with relations to the town….. Which is basically everyone, he just won’t kill his daughter kira.. Surprisingly he doesn’t even know what happened to Rayah.

[Okay so that trash is done I think now]


Please fav and comment! Thank Youuu~ <3 
<       >


I fEeL fUcKiNg ExHaUsTeD
Yo yo yo
In Portland, Oregon with Mom for spring break.
The day before yesterday me and my brother went on our first plane ride.. well we went on two planes. One to Las Vegas then one to Portland.
So yeet.
All across the country!
Sorry I didn't tell you before.. eh.
Oh..... DeviantArt Eclipse............................... not sure if I like it or not like it.
Anyone ever heard of "TailChaser's Song" because I have this book I am contemplating reading it maybe..
The sorta "AU"s I've thought of from Yellowfang's secret:
Med cat Brokenpaw
Med cat Nightpelt
Med cat Cloudpelt
Cloudstar of Shadowclan
Foxstar of Shadowclan
Yellowfang doesn't abandon Brokenkit
Hopekit and Wishkit (Yellowfang's other two dead kits) don't die Stonestar of Shadowclan

Some of these are just random thought ideas of mine that ain't much of full "AU"s.
much anger and sadness
I've been reading Yellowfang's Secret..
And just.. just..
CLOUDPELT!!!!!!! Waaaah! 
Dear any sort of close friends-
Don't be surprised when I sometimes almost seem like an overprotective dad to you.. I will protect you till the end of time and it is my duty as a close friend, TO FIGHT WHOEVER FUCKING HURTS YOU PRECIOUS BEAN

Also I have words of wholesome.. not related but I do..


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