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Sorry guys, I just came back from about a week of no internet, with an inbox full of messages and submissions that needed to be approved. U 7 U"

I guess I'm the only active admin in this group who does things around here, but no matter, I'm back and I'm here to take care of TheColorClub.
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Johnny the Ear-wax seller by Planetekrilin
Supreme Sacrifice by IosifChezan
Original Characters 2005-2011 by Red-Romanov
Pinrutt Lines by turnip007
Layla nura  Efreet of Twilight | CM by PyonSangSang
90s X-Men by ROSchwoe
commission. Line art by FaKe-Elf
Colorful Fan Art
It's For The Best... by FaithWalkers
[IZ] Greatest plan so far! (commission) by AmberPone
Naruto FANART by PyonSangSang
Flowers for you by TOMO2012
Other Colorful Art
Coloring Fun! - March 2021! by NoireComicsStudio
Princess Amelia by Solaice
Marshmallow cat by Moldovorot
Artemis the Creator by XABORIJN
Colorful Comics
#2 | A demon thinks twintails are cute by PyonSangSang
[COMIC] Stop hassling your landlord by neonUFO
[COMIC] hmm. by neonUFO
StarFire (Estelar)  Teen Titans 2018 commission by rochart-Studio
Colorful Photos
Blue-Sky Thinking by PumpkinFanta
Night Flora by EvelynVictus
Christmas Cat by EvelynVictus
Bucharest my hometown -umbrellas ZIG ZAG to MARIUS by Rikitza
Colorful Digital Art
Adenine and Thymine by OathkeeperKeyblade
BabyMayPeach by MayleanCall
Dare by Ariequi
Miko by chibimeganekko-tan
Colorful Traditional Art
Coloring Fun! - March 2021! by NoireComicsStudio
Tangerine Courtyard by JoshByer
Parks Everywhere by JoshByer
Ghost of Hippies Past by DustyScarecrow
Colorful Artisan Crafts
 POKEMON POUCH GIVEAWAY!!  by goldfishkang
Close-ups of some of my recent made kittens by IkushIkush
Dark blue cat - steampunk pendant with amethyst by IkushIkush
Tender kitty with pearl bead by IkushIkush
Single Color and Monochromatic Works
This Moment by LauraBarwick
Heart for Breastcancer Awareness by Bulldoggenliebchen
Partners in Crime by LilMinkurs
The Wraith 1. by Xbasler-Issei-2082
Colorful Photomanipulated Works
The Night of the Blood Moon by SvetlanaFox
Colorful Fractals
Delfini by Senzune
Black and White, Grayscale, and Sketches
Untitled by jm78
Monthly Lineart to Color - August
245 by fr33d0m0f3xpr3ss10n
Colorful Digital Art 2
Amber Gelid Cavern by Unialien

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Group Info


Okay, so I HAD to change this!! This group is devoted to giving you the best color or coloring experience of you life!! You will have sooo much fun here, especially if you're OBSESSED with color like I am. So come join the fun!!!
Founded 11 Years ago
Jul 27, 2010


Group Focus
Colors...nothing but colors...

3,681 Members
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Submission Policy

Please check out :iconcolorcollection:!


:star: Feature Folder :star:

In order to get your art work in the folder we are looking for a short paragraph about the art you are submitting! When you submit art work to our galleries you have the option to leave a comment on your submission, and thats where we want you to let us know a few things about your art like;

:bulletred: Why are you submitting this work to Feature?
:bulletorange: How do you think you have improved in this picture?
:bulletyellow: Why Dose this work make you proud?
:bulletgreen: How is it better then all your other works?
:bulletblue: What inspired you to do this work?
:bulletpurple: How can you be sure you have pushed your self to be better?
:bulletpink: Are you absolutely sure this is the best you can do?

:star:Uncolored Linearts:star:

This folder is for any linearts that have not been colored yet. Examples: [link] [link]

:star: Colored Linearts:star:

This folder is about to be closed. Earlier on, we decided that this folder would bee deleted from the gallery and the Uncolored Linearts folder would simply be called "Linearts". The other admin and I are in the process of moving deviations from the Colored Linearts folder to other folders in our gallery.

:star:Other Colorful Art:star:

This is probably the most confusing folder. That's my fault for not explaining it properly. This folder is for anything that doesn't really fit into the other folders like avatars, animations, stamps, and wallpapers. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Couldn't those things just go in Colorful Digital Art?" Yes, yes they could, but I would like the focus of Colorful Digital art to be for something else, I'll get to that later.... Examples: [link]

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize how disorganized this particular folder was...*adds that to list of things to do*

:star:Colorful Comics:star:

This folder is for anything that could be considered a comic. Basically, it has a drawing and some words on it, and something is happening, it's what I could consider to be a comic. Examples: [link] [link]

:star:Colorful Photos:star:

This folder is for any photographs that...have color in them...this is probably the most self-explanatory folder. Basically, if it's a picture you took with a camera, and it has more than one color, it goes here. Examples: [link] [link]

:star:Colorful Digital Art:star:

This folder is for any digital art that you have that doesn't include the digital work in the Other Colorful Art folder, mentioned above. Digital art is defined as general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. I got that from Wikipedia, that's why it uses such big words. So, if it's not a stamp, wallpaper, avatar, or animation, and it's mostly with a computer or wacom tablet, please submit it here. Examples: [link] [link]

:star:Colorful Traditional Art:star:

This folder is for any traditional art that you have. Basically, to keep it simple, this is referring to what media you used to create the artwork. If you draw using the computer or a wacom tablet, then it's obviously not traditional art and will go to the Colorful Digital Art folder. Some example of traditional media are: chalk, charcoal, crayon, graphite, marker, oil pastel, pen and ink, paint, etc. Examples: [link] [link]

:star:Artisan Crafts:star:

This folder is for any artisan crafts that you have. This may include plushies, jewelery, etc. If it is a photo of your artisan craft, still submit it here and not to Colorful Photos. Examples: [link] [link]

:star:Single Color/Monochromatic:star:

This folder is for any artwork that only has one color or has a monochromatic palate. Please submit all single color and monochromatic artwork here instead of other folders. Examples: [link] [link]


This folder is for any photomanips that you may have. So basically, if you took a photo and then edited it in some program to make it look pretty, it goes here. Examples: [link] [link]


We noticed how many fractal submissions we were getting to this group, so we opened a Fractal folder. Submit them here, please. Examples: [link] [link]








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To all our affiliates out there, and I will post this in a future blog entry, if you need us to feature anything (contest, etc.), please let us know, and we will be happy to do so.


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