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Welcome to the Collab Club!

Ever sketch something - or even get as far as linearting - then feel like you just don' t wanna work anymore? Yeah, we're all lazy like that. So why not make other people do all the work?

The Collab Club allows people to post their works in progress - sketches or linearts - in hopes that another member may just be bored enough to finish it up for them.

Things you should know :

~ Obviously, only post things that you are allowing other people to work with.
~ As said before, sketches and linearts are allowed. Base collabs or project collabs are allowed as well.
~ Please do not submit just your part of a base/doll collab. Submit the whole thing. A single doll does not count as a collab. If you notice one of your submissions removed from the group, it's probably because of this.
~ Also, please only submit base collabs that are open for everyone.
~ To those that do complete someone else's work, please make sure you credit them in the artist's comments, and post a link to their WIP deviation.
~ If you're big on posting a lot of sketches and linearts, at least try a couple times to maybe finish a collab for someone else. Return the favor, y'know? It's fun. c:
~ You may submit collabs from outside of the club, but try to stick to working with stuff from our gallery, mainly, 'kay~?
~ Mature content sketches/linearts are allowed, just make sure to label them as mature, obviously.
~ Please try to submit art to correct folder. If you have questions on where to post, please dont hesitate to ask.
~ Adopts arent allowed. Unless is a COLLABORATION to MAKE an adopt. Dont try to adopt/sell here. Free group. If it requires/asks for money or points, it will be removed..
~ No PAY TO USE (p2u) allowed If you are wanting to be paid, in points or money, to use your base or lineart, we will not accept it. Must be free to use(f2u)
~ The Featured Folder is for staff picks. We choose the collabs we like most and feature them there.



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Group Info

A group for anyone who wants a free collab! Members may post sketches or lineart in hopes that others might finish it up for them~!
Founded 12 Years ago
Jan 8, 2010


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1,767 Members
1,712 Watchers
87,291 Pageviews
Hey CollabClub! purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thing KitsuneRenaChan, here! With the success of the recent switch-around meme collab, the other admins and I are in the process of planning some more events for the group, so please be on the lookout for that soon!

But for now I'd like to inform you of some recent changes in the group.

As of May 1st, we decided to add voting to all submissions added to the group. This means when you try to submit anything to the group, it will need to be seen by us, and based on if we feel it meets the group's rules and guidelines, will either be accepted or declined. A submission only needs one vote to make it into the group, so whichever admin happens to see it first will probably vote first.

If you want to make sure your submission makes it into the group, please read the rules on the front page. We have been noticing several people especially not following the following rules :

If you are posting a sketch or lineart, PLEASE make sure that it says somewhere in the description that you are fine with people working with your art.

Pay-to-use lineart or bases are not allowed. This is a free group. Please post free-to-use bases/lineart only.

Please do not trace. Please do not post traced linearts/sketches from anime screenshots, or other peoples' art.

Now that voting is required, submissions to folders has also changed. These are the new submission limits on folders :

Feature folder is still off limits, and is only for staff picks.
Non-Collab related Folder = 1 submission per month
Sketches Folder = 5 per month

All other folders [ except Featured, Past Events, Past Contest, and Club Mascots ] are set at the global setting which is 5 per day.

If we go for awhile and feel these limits are too low, we can always raise them later on! But for now, we'll see how these work.

Thank you for reading! purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thing If you have any questions or comments about the new rules, feel free to comment below! As well as any suggestions for future events! We'd love to hear!

purple heart bullet by to-much-a-thing KitsuneRenaChan

Switch Around COMPLETED

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2020, 12:18 AM

Hi Collab friends, here are the two teams I came up with, using a random number generator.

The original template didn't have perfectly square slots, so I took some time to fix that!
So don't worry about proportions now, just do you sketch on a square format and it will fit perfectly!

You don't have to download the template, just upload your individual pieces and I will take care of fitting them properly in photoshop

Submit your work to the Event Folder in our group

Don't forget to notify the next person, so they can get to work as soon as possible.
Also, don't forget to credit all the team members in your submission <3

* * *


Both teams are on fire, and the sketch stage is already completed!
Then why wait, let's jump right into the lineart stage!!! (some members already did, congrats, congrats)
I'll give a 2 week span again, aaand, let's see how it goes ^^

* * *


All linearts are donne, so it's colouring time!

* * *


All colouring are complete!!!!
Thank you everyone for your participation!
And see you soon for another event!


Team 1:


Team 2:


The Finished Pieces

 Switch Around Lines 2020 By Viridivulpes Ddua9ryki by ceilskysebbyrockz 2020 Switch-Around Color by PositiveWasabi [ Switch-Around Event ] Final by KitsuneRenaChan
Switch Around Color 2020 by ViridiVulpes  

If you have suggestions for future events, do send us a note!!!

CSS by Seii-a
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:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: Welcome to TheCollabClub~! :bulletwhite::bulletpurple:








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