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The feeling that your friends are growing apart, founded or no, is one that could terrify anybody. Liz was hanging out with other girls more often, and that was understandable for a fifteen year old girl, and John frankly needed to have some friends his own age. Tom’s dad was counting on him more to help maintain the robots always grinding away, making Mars a place where more than six-thousand people could live. I felt like I was the only one who cared we didn’t hang out like we used to. I knew it made sense we should grow in our own directions, but I just wanted to do something to remind us all that we were always going to be friends.
When we were younger, it had been our little game to don the bulky, pressurized suits and ‘explore’ the martian landscape outside the main dome. We weren’t exactly Marco Polo’s or Christopher Columbus’s: GPS had accurately mapped the land before we had even been born, but the bumpy, craggy red earth always seemed
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Telling someone not to comment if they don't like your art is unwise, as it makes you look like you are close-minded and not open to co...


The only other Monster Hunter game I've played has been Tri for the Wii, and it didn't manage to rope me in, but seeing how people enjoyed 4U got me to ask for it as a birthday gift. I've largely enjoyed it, but there are many issues that I think hold the game back from being truly amazing. Some of these complaints may prove to be with the entire franchise, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't say anything (not that my voice matters to anyone). Anyway, here are my thoughts, along with some solutions I feel would work:

1. Perhaps the largest fault with the game I can find is the pace, which feels artificially slowed down by a lot of the design elements, such as:
  A. The inability to change the direction your character is facing mid-combo. It really bothers me and breaks my suspension of disbelief when video game characters can't do things that would be totally possible and practical in real life.
  Solution: Simply allow the player to turn between the motions of a combo. Different weapons would allow one to turn more between attack than others. Monsters would also have to have this ability for balance. It's hard not to notice when a Great Jaggi does his tail-swinging attack and, even when you get out of the way, he still has to finish the attack by doing it in the opposite direction.

  B. Having to sheathe your weapon to use an item (with the exception of the sword and shield). This is another instance of video game characters being unable to do things that would be expected in real life.
  Solution: Most items should be able to be used while moving, an ability the sword and shield would retain thanks to leaving a free hand. All other weapons would allow items to be used while unsheathed. Transfer your two swords to your left hand/hold your hammer/long sword/great sword in your left hand, slung over your left shoulder while you use a given item.

  C. The game is Monster Hunter, not 'Monster Gatherer' or 'Repeatedly Hunting the Same Monster for that One Freaking Scale/Claw/What Have You'. Obviously, being able to craft good gear should take work, but there should always be a feeling of progression that MH4U doesn't necessarily give, at least in single-player. Early on, I would fight multiple Great Jaggi in search of G. Jaggi Claws, which it didn't always drop. It made my time feel wasted since I had plenty of every other item the monster gave. Also, the gathering/mining/bug catching process just takes too much time away from Hunting Monsters!
    I: Gathering should occur at the speed conferred by the Speed Gathering skill automatically, if not faster than that.
    II: Drops should be rebalanced and recipes use fewer items so one could reasonably make a desired piece of gear after every successful mission, or every other one.

2. A small cosmetic complaint is with the obligatory posing characters do after using certain items, which makes no sense to do in a fight. After eating a steak, there's no need to pat your belly, and likewise there's no need to flex after drinking a potion/antidote/other drink.
  Solution: Just make the eating/drinking parts of the animations longer.

3. Palicoes become quite squishy and weak before Meownster Hunters becomes available, and take even more time to outfit than your character.
  Solutions: Make Meownster Hunters available sooner and reduce recipe requirements.

I don't think I'm done here yet.


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