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Guiding Light
       Sonja walked into the old storehouse, humbled with shoulders slumped. Outside, everyone was dancing in celebration of a life long-lived. Yet, none of them had lost like Sonja had lost. A guiding light was gone, cheery laughter and wizened tales of love and romance, gritty war and places and things long forgotten.
       The girl closed the dirty old wooden door behind her, and walked forward and sat down at her favorite chair. A pale light shone through a lone window into the vast building with a sparkling of dust in the air. Sonja sat, in her black mourning dress not caring if the room left a mark on it, her green eyes scanning the tables, shelves and open drawers all around her. Her mother would disapprove of course, she always had. She would be out there dancing, cheerfully enjoying the loss of influence on her daughter.
       "Young ladies shouldn't spend time in dusty old storehouses, they should be out in the wor
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Ashes and Legacy
Ashes and legacy
we are all meant
to leave behind
quailed in the pale moon
memory in light
aching to leave a trace
cold are the stones
carven granite
trapping thought
and deeds
how enduring is,
how fragile is,
how hard is,
one glimpse
and it's gone
darkness taking its place
leaving hallowed, memory
its legacy in our hearts
                                                                        Ashes and Legacy
                                                                        By Aaron Prince
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Reflection of a Soul
       Lightning split the darkened sky like roots from an invisible tree, crawling down across the horizon in brilliant flashes and murderous sound. The sky was cloudless, empty save for the bursts of light.
Below the deafening roar and electric discharges was a rolling plain of grass that bent low as the wind whipped across the landscape. There were no trees for the lighting to reach for, only tall stalks of gray grass and a lone man.
The man stood atop a lone hill his thick blue robes billowing about him in a frenzy, the same as his dark hair. His arms were high above his head as though he was reaching for the bursts of light, his voice howling into the wind. All along his bare arms ran blue and silver tattoos, runes and sigils and ancient script which glowed pale in the darkness.
His face was harsh and scarred with an untrimmed mustache and beard making him appear ragged rather than wise or old.
"World, burn me!" he roared into the sky. Answering his challenge b
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The crash of the bodies in wet soaked rain,
To push on without a gain,
Finishing each other seems such a shame,
In this land where blood falls like rain,
We still push on without a gain.
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Our World
Our World
Barren wastes
dark swamps, teeming with life
endless fields of emerald grasses
forest of magnificent trees
farmlands filled with rich harvests
villages of proud, strong people
this is our world.
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The Storms Fury
A Storm’s Fury
Life flows on like a storm,
growing in size then blowing out,
built with care,
and destroyed by air,
battered down from whence it came,
the storm’s fury knows no shame.
At the end of our lives,
we come to accept,
yet we cry,
knowing everything we are leaving behind,
the smells,
the tastes,
the sights,
and the sounds,
we leave behind everything built
from its fragile beginning
that spark of life we nurtured to full flame,
just to be blown out by a storm’s fury.
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The Old' Dawn
Forest of the Dawn
Massive chilling waves bash against the walls of dark grey stone, the cliff base of the island. An island with only one small beach at its southern tip, that leads up to the top of the cliffs and to the trees that rise so far into the air that one can only see their tops from the blue waters off the island in a ship. The small beach of black colored sand makes a path up to the base of the thick emerald foliage known now as the Forest of the Dawn. Passing from the black sand into the foliage, the darkness soon engulfs all. It is apparent that with almost no sound heard, that one has entered a new world inside a world.
Deeper within after pushing against the dense foliage, it lessens and moving becomes easier. Small shinning rays of light filter through the thick canopy above and down to the grassy ground, allowing the eyes to see better. The massive trunks of the trees seem to dwarf all other things, their bark almost as strong as iron. Walking further one’s nost
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Mature content
Chapter 2 Argyris Chronicles :iconthecoldembrace:thecoldembrace 0 0
Argyris Chronicles Chapter 1
Chapter 1 The Argyris Chronicles
Macedonia, Greece 281 BCE
“What will await me in Hades father?”
“The underworld is not known to us my child.” An aged man with a gray beard explained looking out a small window to the courtyard below. “But it will be known to you in time, Argyris. The innocent lives you have taken will not sit well any of the gods.”
“I am doomed then,” replied a young man, who kneeled in red robes before the elder in gold. It was easy to tell that he was no priest or temple clergyman, he was strong, and well built and a shiny tip beneath the fold of his robes showed he housed a device of violence.
“Men can always been redeemed Argyris, but this you must find between yourself and the gods,” Continued the elder. “I do not decide your fate my child, I will only be an observer of its passing. You who decide many fates should do well to do the same.”
“What would you have me do?” Argyris asked, standing. Th
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Game World by thecoldembrace Game World :iconthecoldembrace:thecoldembrace 0 0


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