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Cover of Dark: Ch7: Fight for the Wilmot Gateways
    Isebel let out yet another frustrated sigh, that I had been so tired of hearing all morning. She pulled off the sensors from my wrists and tossed them into the lab. After she grabbed her coat and her phone, we nearly had to run to keep up with Markus. We followed him around the other side of the mess hall to the garage. For as small of a building as it was on the outside, the inside space was used super efficiently to pack in more cars and vans than it should have.
    I narrowly avoided two other vans full of people that sped off out of the camp. The third and final van was already running and poised to speed off just like the others. I climbed in after Markus and Isebel. Before I shut the door behind me, Isebel spoke up.
    “I request that we leave Evzen at the base. He's unpredictable and can't protect himself much less consistently control his mana.”
    “Evzen?” Markus aske
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Cover of Dark - Chapter 6: Day 1
    I was submerged in water, although I could breathe. I couldn't open my eyes, or voluntarily move, but I could feel the liquid around me. The water solution I was in wasn't unpleasant. It was reasonably warm, and I could breathe. I was floating, there was a bit of an upward current to cycle the water, but not enough to keep me afloat.
    I could also heard voices. They were muffled, and I couldn't make out what they were saying. There were two men talking, one with a deeper voice than the other, and they seemed to circle me. I felt almost like I was being taunted. They got louder, as if they got closer to me. I thought I heard something about “checking the eyes.” I felt a brief twinge of pain, and my eyelids opened.
    I was in a glass tube filled with liquid. I wasn't wearing any clothes, and my tattoos were faint. I still couldn't move, but I saw the two men in front of me outside the tube. They were both we
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Cover of Dark - Chapter 5: Evzen
    The frigid air of the night greeted us as we stepped outside. The air nipped at my nose as I breathed it in. It smelled fresh and untainted. I had my hands tucked firmly in my pockets, yet the cold still reached my fingers.
    I quickened my pace to catch up with Kazz. “You never did finish explaining these Gateways you talked about, or the spirits.”
    “Ah, right, tour.” Kazz halted and motioned the rest of the tram back to the barracks, leaving the two of us alone. He took a moment to ponder what he was going to say, then took a deep breath. “Six hundred years ago, an ancient, now long forgotten, force pulsed through our world.” Kazz pulled his wand out of his inner coat pocket, and put his thumb on the center of the glass. The tip of his wand glowed a bright orange and hummed. With the tip of his wand, Kazz drew a straight line down in the air in front of him, a thin, purple and blu
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Cover of Dark - Chapter 4: Dragon Squad
    I followed Kazz closely, people were still staring. I couldn’t tell if they were judging me, cautious, or curious. Was it my tattoos? Was I still an outsider? Either way I hated all the eyes.
    “Where are we going?” I asked Kazz.
    “Back to my quarters, the rest of my squad is there. It's that building there,” he pointed to one of the barracks that looked slightly newer than the others, but not by much. It was two stories tall and made of wood and painted slightly off white. The roof looked as if it has been recently redone since the shingles were in pretty good condition. The second floor had four windows on one side, while the bottom floor had two long windows, and a large double door on the adjacent side. A flat face of the building had a round shield that was colored black with the exception of a yellow ring around the outside, and a simplistic yellow dragon on the inside.
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Cover of Dark - Chapter 3: Loyalties
    After getting me into some real clothes, a T-shirt and jeans, we left the hospital. The base was situated similarly to the Veracious base I escaped from, in a small clearing of trees. The buildings this time however were much less ornate in terms of decorations, but structurally interesting. Different buildings were built in different styles, and some seemed much older than others. There were a couple of two story barracks that looked very old and were built out of brick and wood, while some others looked new and modern. The hospital looked older, built out of stone and concrete with very traditional arches, but clean as if it had gone under renovation in the last six months. There was another building next to the hospital that was much less attractive, built entirely out of concrete with just a few wood framed windows. It must have been a garage judging by the massive doors at the base of the three story building. It was ugly, but looked like it'd survive a shelling
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Cover of Dark - Chapter 2: Pleasant Awakenings
    I awoke groggily in a rather comfortable bed. My ears rang slightly, my vision was a little blurry, and my movement seemed impaired. This led me to believe I must have been on some sedatives prior to waking up. My face and my back ached a bit from where I was hit, and my legs felt tired from all the running.
    The bed had a white sheet and a pillow my head was propped up on. There were also small railings on either side to keep me from rolling off. The room was mostly rectangular minus a slight bend in the middle. The walls were painted grey and had all sorts of circular patterns etched into them. The floor around the bed even had a large metal circle around an triangle of three interconnected loops that were all one continuous line. I could feel power come from it, and hear it hum.
    I looked down at my hands. For the first time I noticed the tattoos I had all down my arms and shoulders. They had intricate overlapping
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Hybrid: Chapter 31: Bait
Wing dropped his sword and jumped into the puddle of blood, lifting the dead Hunter's wrist. On the small three inch screen, Wing saw Evelyn chained to a metal chair, in a concrete room. She was badly bruised, one eye was swollen, and she had a number of minor lacerations on her face, arms, and legs. Sometimes she wouldn't bother doing her hair because she didn't think it was important, but it was even messier than that. It was pretty apparent she put up a struggle.
"Evelyn!" Wing shouted into the screen.
"Oh thank god you're alright!" She exclaimed, her head tilting back in relief.
"For the moment yeah. Are you alright? Where are you? How are you contacting me?"
Evelyn smirked, flicking hair out of her face.
"I don't think two out of four was bad," her expression went stern again. "I'll survive, I'm in a concrete walled room, there's, uh, a metal door, a wooden table, not much."
The testing rooms. The good news was she was on this floor, the b
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Hybrid: Chapter 30: Rush
A team of two major dragons and four hybrids stood just outside the door to one of the stairwells. Introductions had been brief, but the plan was put into motion. Rade took a separate team to another stairwell. Both teams would push up, causing any forces to be split and/or surrounded.
An older major dragon came lumbering down the hallway toward Wing and Rhaegos' group. He held a rope with a timer on the end by his mouth. When the elder dragon came to a stumbling halt, Wing took the timer.
Wing thanked the out of breath dragon, and directed himself back to his assault force.
"Get ready," he instructed.
Evelyn. He hadn't been thinking about her, the thoughts pushed to the back of his mind while he focused on more pressing tasks. Wing thought back to what Monton had said about her. "Surprises." What on earth did that mean? He had to find her, even without the help of the rest of the dragons, he'd rather die trying to save her than live with the guilt of what he dr
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Hybrid: Chapter 29: Moving Forward
Leaving the room Wing had been held in, he flexed his right hand; it hardly bothered him at all. He twirled his sword around. Everything checked out, he was good to fight. Whatever the lab coats did, it wasn't an experiment, it was a straight up repair job.
They had turned down another hallway lined with doors. At the very end of the hallway, before what looked like a small common room, were a hybrid and a major dragon. The hybrid looked to be in his thirties, and had dark green scales. The major dragon looked younger, but Wing couldn't tell by now much. She was a light gray with a few very thin blue streaks that outlined her figure. The two were assembling a small barricade made out of two operating tables and some chairs.
They were about twenty yards away from the barricade before they heard shouting come from the common room.
A young major dragon sprinted around the corner, his light blue face splashed with fear. Bullets sprayed trough an adjoining room, riddling the you
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Hybrid: Chapter 28: Visiting Hours
When he first came to, he found that he couldn't move. His wrists wouldn't budge from the shackles they were held tightly by, nor would his legs, his head, his tail, or his wings. Finding that resistance was futile, he laid there fighting what was left of the drugs in his system. Without having a clear head, he couldn't guess how long he was there for. Once he was a little more awake, he noticed first, he didn't have any clothes on, and second the arm he had ripped the tracker out of didn't hurt anymore and was properly bandaged. He recognized the stripping of his clothes both as an intimidation tactic, making him bare, uncovered, and unable to defend himself, as well as standard procedure for most large scale surgeries.
Soon after a woman walked into the room. But not just any woman. Just by the way that she smiled through the door showed she commanded respect, and power. The bun her auburn hair was in didn't bounce as she turned to face Wing. Her perfect toothy grin told Wing she als
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Hybrid: Chapter 27: Assets
He knew that with their makeshift weapons, that there was no way they'd manage to actually hold off an onslaught of hunters, but this would give them a good chance. Wing took out the security camera before proceeding into the armory. It was a long room with targets on one end and a table near the middle. On the wall closest to the door was a case of indoor firearms with non-ricocheting bullets, and on the table were various objects including Rhaegos's gun and Wing's sword.
Wing tightened his clothing and slid the strap on the sheath over his head. A sense of comfort and confidence flowed into him as the familiar feel of his sword rested against his back.
After collecting his things including his necklace and his clothing, he went over to the weapons cabinet and shot the lock off with Rhaegos's gun. He strapped a small sidearm to his waist and headed out of the room.
He saw Rhaegos exit one of the rooms with a horrified look on his face. Wing could only guess what he saw.
"Hey, Rhae, fo
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