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This is the group about all epic!
— Join the group if you like to draw or search epic artworks!
... Or if you get your inspiration from the epicness!
... Or if you're praying on mighty heroes, majestic dragons, magnificent sceneries, epic humor or another epic things!

This group is open for all!

[Pathos, majesty, grandeur, legends and absolute power are included.]
[P.S.: we are not a church, actually]
Founded 6 Years ago
Apr 28, 2015


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Art Creation/ Art Collection/ Common interests

112 Members
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The more = the better!

-------Group Info--------

:spotlight-left:!!! WELCOME TO THE CHURCH OF EPIC !!!:spotlight-right:

:empllama: :iconthechurchofepic: :emplllama:

TheChurchOfEpic is a growing community of artists and lovers of epic art, which designed to facilitate the retrieval and creation of epic artworks, and most importantly — this group is created for those who gets inspiration from the epicness!

[We're not a religious community, actually.]

🔵 Who can join us :
Actually this group is open to all at all.

If you likes to create epic art or you just likes it in general — then join us!

If your artwork was requested by our group, that you're automatically invited to become our member!
Join us even if you just accidentally discovered this page!

:pointr: We always glad to see new members! :pointl:

🔵 Now some organizational matters:
(This is the main rules of our group)
• Your artwork must include at least a bit of epicness.
No politics, porn and religious art. [Only with the permission of founder.]
• More action = more epicness !
• Submit your best, people!
[Some other rules you can find here:… ]

Also if you know a lot about perversions you don't know, how to use our gallery, then you can study it in detail by clicking on this link:…

[Join us — On tuesdays we eat macaroni here! :hungry:]

Recent Journal Entries

Hello everyone who accidentally came here. Most of all I greeting our dear members and no less dear subscribers, because I wrote this especially for them:

I'm going to arrange a PRRRROMOTION for several participants who would not mind taking part in the moderation of our small but proud group, which at the moment is definitely NOT dying. Yep. Absolutely alive. No dying. No stagnating. A-l-i-v-e...

And so, to the point: we are sharply need moderators who could keep the group afloat. All this was started because I am going to leave deviantart, but I dont know what will happen with this group, which is currently attached to me. And it will be very unfortunate if The Church Of Epic will disappear - after all, it's so much time and effort has been spent on creating it. In fact, some people who took place in it from the beginning, have invested in it a pieces of their souls (figuratively).
This may not be the most outstanding group now, especially if compared to some others, but it still has a lot of potential -- it's as wide as your understanding of the word "epic". It is REALLY pretty wide conception for some people.

So, if you won't mind to become any sort of admin (most likely it will be named "contributor" or "co-founder"), then send a note to me or to the group directly.

In the second tour of this event some new "founders" will be chosen, so if you haven't created any groups before, then it may be your chance.

All this recruitment event will lasts from one to three months depending of your activity. Roughly speaking.

WE NEED YOU, SOLDIER -- don't be shy. I need your protection -- be my samurai.

-- Sincerely, by the founder of The Church Of Epic, who is very pity to lose the result of all the work done.

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