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~Little reminder <3~

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Redid my page 

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Spiderman? You know that's funny I get that a lot

☆ I'm so proud of you ☆

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" There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people. So when we needed them, they could fight the battles we never could. "

" We're the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the livelong day, but that up there, that's....that's the endgame. "

"Hard times will always reveal true friends."

Holy fuck, man oh man, you've been the best bub I could have ever asked for, you've been with me through my lowest and highest moments and you never seize to make me smile and inspire me. To think it's been so damn long and we met through a damn mlp group XD Lord man I don't ever understand why you called me an idol back then when I helped you learn how to draw anthros and now look at you, your far better at art than I ever could be I'm so fucking proud of you I truly am <33

Again holy you are the finest of fine friends, being so damn understanding and supportive no matter what, to think I've seen you grow on here and was with you from the start, you've grown so damn much too as has our friendship. You might be a busy gal with college but man when we speak it means so damn much. I can't wait to meet you one day hopefully when we and Justin tie the knot eh <33

Lordy, this small segment could never be enough to explain how I feel towards you bro, I would have never expected us to be this close and or relate so damn much. From the early days when we would cry over shows we loved and ships we both agreed on, I don't know what I would have done without you I owe you so damn much and can't wait to meet you one day <33

I can't thank you enough for being my big bro/sis, you always know how to make me know where I am currently is awful and let me know everything is fine with me. We've had our hard times and faced huge struggles but true family is overcoming those struggles and learning as well as improving each other. Your a huge if not one of the biggest reasons I've made it this far and not given up when I truly felt like nothing could get better. I only and always wish the best for you and can't wait to meet and see you become the great star you were always meant to be <33

The peacheist of moms, god I can't thank all of you for forgiving me for my wrongs and taking me back in. I love you all so damn much I hope I can do you proud <33

Queen bee of all the cute family members, again I hope I can do you proud. I hope our bond only grows better and stronger in time <33

Quill, I might have only just really interacted with you, but I've admired your work for a while now. I never would have imagined you watching me back or having such a friendly and relatable first interaction. I adore you, Quill, I can't wait for our friendship to grow over time. I hope I can be the Tony to your Peter <33

God, I suck at writing down my feelings, I've known you from WAY back when I was still a noob at art and DeviantArt, to think we used to rp about dumb ships and cry over youtubers XD You've always been an idol to me from how damn kind, sweet and loyal you are, and your art is so damn cute and amazing. I am so damn proud of you making it through any tough times coming to me for comfort, I'd be honoured to help you whenever I'm glad to be your trashy hobo dad <33

You and your bf are the fucking coolest trash bois around, sure we haven't been able to talk like we used to for a while, but god I love you so damn much you beautiful, loyal, talented and supportive trash panda you <33

Man, you are such a fucking awesome and great friend man, all the laughs we've had, I'm sorry I barely talk like I used to but I can't thank you enough for being so damn understanding and sticking with me through my absences. <33

Ok you boo, you are the fucking best of the best, cool brother. To think we met through our love for Evan Peters and look at us now having oc siblings and being fucking family I love you so damn much.

Boy oh boy, Loki you are a hella cutie and a great pal of mine, granted we don't talk to much but when we do man I can't help but feel warm and proud of seeing your work and knowing you, stay great man <33

Oh lordy, god this is gonna be hella tough to write my feelings out, I adore you so damn much, again we might be busier now then we were a while back but I still adore talking to you were we can, both going crazy over AHS and Evan I couldn't replace you if I tried <33

Hella mad boyo, you might struggle to talk to me from being so damn busy but every moment we've shared and still do means the world to me. Your kindness and understanding has been irreplaceable <33

We may not talk a lot, but man your artwork makes me so damn proud of you even considering me a friend, your designs and style are so damn incredible. I still treasure every art piece I get from you. I'd adore to know you better I really would, stay awesome sis <33

I'm still very new to you but let me tell you I hope we get closer in time because you seem so damn talented, special and kind. I love you so much already and can't wait for us to grow closer as time passes by <33

Right, again I'm awful at explaining myself, but man you are such a sweet and kind-hearted individual, talented and truly an awesome bro. Your art is always incredibly plush and soft which matches your also cute and sweet personality <33

I can't be happier in you calling me a freind, you are so damn supportive and understanding in allowing me to be myself. That and you are so fun to be around, so long as i'm around you I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, you make college worth attending. <33


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