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Destiny Concept Art 3- Execution Order

Going along this this dark ages/medieval theme, the thought of an executioner or a headsman came to mind. So I designed "Execution Order", a medium range exotic scout rifle with a meaty axe blade on the end. I thought up of some perks to match (maybe the weapon could have 2 interchangeable perks): 'Death Sentence'- Stacking Critical Hits on a target makes them more susceptible to damage (stacks up to x times, damage mitigation reduces x% per critical hit).// 'Headsman's blade'- When weapon is held, agility stat increases and melee hits deal x% more damage with an additional bleed damage over time (if enemy is shielded, melee damage will pierce through shield and bleed DOT affects target directly).// 'Execution Order'- [just for sh!ts and giggles] stacking critical hits on a Major/Ultra target will cause nearby lesser enemies to attack marked Major/Ultra (within a certain radius). 
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Tex Mechanica maybe? 
Opinions? The scout rifle would be called "The Demise". It's a high impact SC with 2 exotic perks. 
Concept Sketch
Flavour text:
"It's your's"
- Open to many interpretations, as it's either a veiled threat to the user, intended to the darkness, or just as a gift. Intended as all three.

Perk 1: 
"Mental disruptor": Headshots deal increased damage to minions of the darkness, and a more minor deal to other guardians. 
Perk 2:
"Grenades and Boomers": Rounds that miss their targets explode on contact with a hard surface. Works well on thralls; miss a shot, and the explosion will still deal damage.
Potential tree perks (subject to balance changes, likely to be considered OP): Outlaw and firefly.
Scope is an unusual mix between the reflex scope's crosshairs, and hive graphics.

Obtained: Through a quest via Eris and Banshee -44. Banshee modifies a Hakke weapon on an ancient hive design, potentially Toland's intended masterpiece before his death. Eris helps you in obtaining it's hive core.
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Think you could design some Legendary weapons as well? Like a Hakke machine gun or Hakke rocket launcher? I never understood why SUROS is the only foundry that produces heavy weapons...
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Oh shit, I never added this to faves! I think this is just about my favorite fanmade exotic scout rifle design. Oddly enough, there's potential in 'Execution Order' if it enables friendly fire on a target. Imagine how funny it'd be if you're fighting in the Crucible, and someone shoots a rocket launcher....

...But because you hit someone with the Execution Order, the enemy you're fighting gets killed by the rocket launcher and friendly fire! Either way, design is great, last perk has potential. By the way, a bit of advice from brandon sanderson is to define a set of powers by what they can't do rather than what they can. Admittedly, I'm the guy that made an exotic handcannon (not a sidearm, it has 70 impact and everything) that fits in the sidearm slot which can be charged up to fire like a fusion rifle, which is pretty far from "define by what it can't do," but it's a nice way to get around design hurdles.

Edit: because of all the favorable comments on the axe, I just remembered that I wish bayonets gave a bonus to melee and you could actually stab people. Imagine hacking through Thralls with this thing. It'd be great.
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Duuuude....I would LOOOOOOOVE for this to be a weapon, because I LOVE axes!
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Hmmm, what would its main perk be? It'd obviously have no recoil with that axe head weighing down the muzzle, but that's not interesting enough for this epic exotic's main perk. Perhaps increased melee attack range and speed? Still too mundane....

Regardless, I love this design! Hope Bungie takes notice. ^_^
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I am truly impressed.
What would its flavor text be?
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"Any last words, sir?"
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Oh, thats good.
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I'll grind for that!
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sweet merciful god, that is the most beautiful gun i have ever seen, is that a axe on it
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Damn right that's an axe. 
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