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Destiny Concept Art 3- Execution Order



Going along this this dark ages/medieval theme, the thought of an executioner or a headsman came to mind. So I designed "Execution Order", a medium range exotic scout rifle with a meaty axe blade on the end. I thought up of some perks to match (maybe the weapon could have 2 interchangeable perks): 'Death Sentence'- Stacking Critical Hits on a target makes them more susceptible to damage (stacks up to x times, damage mitigation reduces x% per critical hit).// 'Headsman's blade'- When weapon is held, agility stat increases and melee hits deal x% more damage with an additional bleed damage over time (if enemy is shielded, melee damage will pierce through shield and bleed DOT affects target directly).// 'Execution Order'- [just for sh!ts and giggles] stacking critical hits on a Major/Ultra target will cause nearby lesser enemies to attack marked Major/Ultra (within a certain radius). 
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You forgot to etch a "66" somewhere on it...