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I occasionally have spare time where I try to draw things

those things are horses 90% of the time


Has been fed pizza by Pepperspicecandy

Pizza for the chotta

no u




@Kuda-Pariso FOR THE RESULTS, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE JOURNAL I know it's a little bit late, but as one last celebration of one of my favorite seasons, how about some autumn themed mini-events with imports and point prizes? Kuda-Pariso horses do not like the cold. They don't mind the autumn but they HATE winter. You should keep your Kudas closer to the equator. But I know, maybe your stable isn't in the tropics! That's okay... Take your Kuda-Pariso horse on a walk to calm their nerves. Show them the cold is going to be okay! You can walk with them or ride them, with or without tack. Maybe go for a swim (Kudas love water!) or do a trail ride to see the fall foliage! Q&A: What if my Kuda-Pariso only lives in a warm climate? Great! Show off, draw them having fun and enjoying the warm weather! What if I still want to join but don't have a Kuda-Pariso? Ask to borrow someone else's! We have a pretty great community here. If you don't feel comfortable messaging someone you can

Submerged 2020 RESULTS

Submerged 2020 RESULTS

After a long wait... here are the results! There were so many amazing and creative entries. I was so inspired and impressed. I. LOVED. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!! Here is my thought process towards judging. If anyone has any questions or thinks I didn't grade fairly, please contact me! I am more than happy to adjust points if I was unfair in any way! YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF CLAIMING YOUR OWN PRIZES (Mini Rant: I hate using journals now this sucks why can't I just make the images smaller I'm so sorry I can't present these nicely for everyone) Winners: Kingfish: @RainbowFoxxy Shark Bait: @SlightlyMadStables Pirate's Booty: @vikula11 Dressage: 1st: @SlightlyMadStables 2nd: @Efirende 3rd: @AMillionLights Show Jumping: 1st: @Mustang601 2nd: @ponyglxy 3rd: @alpha-elites Liberty: 1st: @Rosela 2nd: @ArtisticAngels 3rd: @Lucid-Dimensions Pas de Duex: 1st: @Jessa-bee and

Goodbye June - Mount Ranking

Goodbye June - Mount Ranking

Goodbye June Name: Goodbye June Nickname: June Breed: King's Gryphon Line: Eagle Owl Crossbreed Sex: Female Coat color: Pale Crimson Markings: Stripes Age: 3 Years Old Owner: TheChotta Breeder: Brissinge Rider: Mahal Mount Ranking: Level 2 - Excelent Total Points: 106 Breeding Slots: 1. USED 2. OPEN Bloodlines:  ------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown ----------------- SS: unknown ------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown Sire:  ------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown ----------------- SD: unknown ------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown ------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown ----------------- DS: unknown Dam:  ------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown ----------------- DD: unknown ------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown BABIES: Point Tracker: !! PREFERENT - LEVEL 1 (1-60 POINTS) !! 1 < 1 = Design Import [1] 6 < 5 = Reference Image [5] 17

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you are the best i needed that

Yay I hope you enjoyed the pizza. I also have question for you, will there be a submerged event in 2021?

Probably not, it's a lot of work and I'm extremely busy! But who knows XD

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Hello! I am new here and I just want to have new partners to share our work. I am watching you, and I hope your watch it back too. Cheers! :D

Thanks for faving :hug:

Thanks for the fav!

F6F Hellcat