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An entry for :iconak-is-harmless:'s Looting The Mushroom Kingdom Contest. It gave me a chance to get back into drawing again.

This was originally going to be a comic, but I've been working on a comic for the last three weeks which ended up failing miserably, so I'm taking a break from comics =P. Therefore, this is now more like a crack version of this [link] which was not my intention. -__-

Oh well, I'm just happy I managed to draw something today. Even though that chain is appalling.

.. Hehe, you could almost make a plz account of Ben's face. XD

I also did a version with an alternate, more AK-like background, but having the Chain Chomp in full colour didn't make sense, so now it's here: [link]

Drawn in both Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS3

Ben & Winslow ©Andrew Kaye.
Chain Chomp/Mushroom Kingdom/Mario ©Nintendo.
Drawing ©TheChildInTheCorner.
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