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displayed at the Pasadena Museum of California Art store

*action photo by $evafleur
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These are all quite stylish.
Might I recommend investing in some interior reinforcement? I don't know much about purses/bags, but it occurs to me that you may have things in this bag which are rather heavy. A canvas interior could help nullify this issue.
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thx for the suggestion.....
please give me more if you have any..... i love constructive criticism!!!! it helps build a better product.

all totes are lined! i'm currently test driving one (which isn't lined) and i've put it through hell. to my surprise it still looks new!!!!
i do try using heavier fabrics; this tote shown above is the lightest fabric i've used and one of the 1st ones i've made.
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With a thicker interior you can effectively hide the construction, and then the outer visible layer can be something nice like silk (or whatever suits your idea).
Also, do you go down to the fashion district much? The textile stores there are nuts. It seems like you're buying dresses/blouses and chopping them up, but when you do that you're encountering the added cost of the original manufacturing of the dress. Ultimately you're spending money you don't need to spend. As such, if you're not going to those cheap textile stores you really should be. You could be making some awesome stuff for much less money.

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i use to work in the fashion district for 5 years and i worked in fashion for 9 years.... i love all the fabric district but oshwa is a recycled tote bag line. i only want to use fabrics that already been used, so i purchase fabric from thrift stores and yard sales. the average cost of a garment is $0.70, which is a lot cheaper than buying new fabric plus i use the buttons from the garment, which saves even more money!!!!

i'm all about being eco-friendly and cost efficient!

one day i would love to design my own fabric using organic fabric!
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I wasn't aware of this fact. Hrm.