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live painting from rapid city.

stencils spent better part of a week folded in a box, so they were a bit wavy when i went to use them, but i think they turned out well either way.

each side is 4x8' or something.

scared yet?


here are more detailed images of the stencils and a bigger, not stenciled version of the warning levels, so it's actually readable.
[link] [link] [link] [link]
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ahhh june 6th my birthday!
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On the left is the Iron Lung/Hatred Surge split 7" cover.
The Wu-Tang reference cracks me up, nice work.

So what is the purpose of cutting it as a grid like that?
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not so much the cover, they (iron lung) use a different picture. but the influence is undeniable. sexless//no sex is a perfect ablum.

i printed it out on 8.5x11" paper and taped it together. printing out a pieces of paper 40x60" would cost so much for something used once.
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Yeah yeah, I do that as well, but I mean in your large cut areas, there are still strips of paper? I assume it's to make it a little more strong, structurally speaking, but how do you spray around it?

And yes, Sexless//No Sex is awesome. They get better with every release.
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the kissing one i LOVES ... as you already know
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Again, great stuff man
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A strong, evocative set of pieces, amigo. The subdued colours and anonymity of the figures works to your advantage, as fully intended.

The wavy text on the left piece is nifty, looks on purpose. The phase alert board is damned clever, a seriously good job, man.

Also, rock fingers are awesome.
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thats amazing mc. what are the toronto dates? I work for the friday show, but are you going to be there sunday or saturday?
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cream makes the money, dolla dolla bills yahhh.
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its good to see well cultured people here.... and this is a dope work.
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haha, yeah, i had to sorry. agreed though, the work is ill.
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I love it, the wave is kind of cool too!

good job MC, sad I missed it
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would it be wrong to call this sexy?
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This is really good. :)
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