Delphina Adventures #1

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Published: January 22, 2015
Comic Script 3

This is a small introduction to my graphic novel. It takes place a week or so before the events of Where the Winds Don’t Blow.

Page 1

On a small deserted island Guille and young Fina are sparring with swords. It’s mostly sand and few palm trees. It’s the similar to a small deserted island you’d see on a comic strip. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z think Master Roshi’s island.

Panel 1

Small Panel: Wide. Iso View. Guille and Fina sparring with swords. You can see the horizon in the background.

Guille: Stiffen your right arm sum’ore child! It’s the only way to defend that kind of attack properly!! No, No your off-balanced!!!

Fina: UAAHH!!!

Panel 2

Small Panel: Mid. Guille breaks through Fina’s defense is a vertical sweep-like motion. Fina is in a position under his weight. She’s struggling to keep his and her sword up.
Guille: You’ll need to take to this steel quickly, lass. I’m running out of time and Denitria is gone. No one goes through this life easy child, but what I’ll teach you will make it so you won’t have it too hard. Al’rite! AGAIN!!!

Fina: Ngnghh…

Panel 3

No Border. 3 sequential shots. Full body shots of Fina and Guille as the spar with their swords. These are all dynamic action shots.

Sequence 1: Under Panel 1. Fina is backing away from Guille as he swings in an upward-diagonal motion in her direction.

Guille: You will sometimes be perceived as an easy mark…

Sequence 2:  To the right of Sequence 1. Fina and Guille are closer to the reader. Guille’s lunges with his sword arm (his right arm) towards Fina. Fina is seen dodging the arm with by backing up her left and his right. You can only see the top-right side of her face.

Guille: …and your assailant is most like to be relentless in their attacks… In this way…

Sequence 3: Bottom-Middle of the page. Fina and Guille are much closer to the reader. Guille is in full on horizontal swing. Fina has dodged it completely, she’s hoping backwards in mid-air.

Guille: …your defense… must be impenetrable! AGAIN!!!

Page 2

Panel 1

Wide Panel: Mid-Close. Fina in an adorable, yet fierce fighting stance with a confident facial expression.

Fina: OR…

Panel 2

Small: Close. Guille smirking to her comment.

Guille: Hmph… or….

Panel 3

No Border. 3 sequential shots. Wide-Mid shots of Fina and Guille. Fina seemingly getting the upper-hand in the fight. Or at least she’s shows more aggression in her facial expressions and body language.

Sequence 1: Fina in mid-lunge. She is attacking Guille with a head on vertical down-swing with 2 hands. He is seen casually blocking the blow with the middle of his sword and with one hand.

Fina: YHAAH!!

Guille: You are fast child, of that there’s no doubt!

Sequence 2: A ghost image of Fina in another mid-air lunge. Fina is slashing diagonally to the right down with her left hand.  There’s a ghost image of Guille blocking that attack the same way he did the last attack. Next to the ghost images are the real Fina and Guille(both images are connected) The real Fina is seen throwing her short sword from her left hand to her right, while dodging Guille, as he swings his right arm over her. Fina dips under his sword.

Guille: But speed without power is useless on a stronger opponent. You won’t realize that…

Sequence 3: Guille facing the reader in front of Fina. Fina is behind Guille. Fina is in a striking stance with her sword arm in front of her.

Guille: Until it’s too late….

Panel 4

Small Panel. Mid. Guille uppercuts Fina with a sweeping left backhand. Fina’s body is contorted and twisted flying off the right of the panel.

Guille: AGAIN!!!

Page 3

Panel 1

Small Panel: Close-up. A close up shot of Fina’s eye being closed.

Panel 2

Small Panel: Mid. Zoom out. Fina wakes up. Looks a bit groggy. She was dreaming.

Panel 3

Small Panel Mid-Wide. Fina turns surprised to see an older man and younger man looking at her as she awakens so suddenly. The 2 gentlemen have the same surprised look about them. The captain looks bemused and awkwardly curious. The younger man is smitten.

Captain: You… awake? *Ah-erm* we’ll be… uh… dockin’ soon. My boy here can set’ya straight.

Panel 4

Wide Panel: Mid. The boy and Fina in the F.G. Fina is still sitting where she was sleeping, more alert now. You can see the Captain in the B.G. The boy and Fina are looking at each other.

Boy: You alright?! You screamed just now.

Fina: I… I’m fine. Bad dreams… is all.

Panel 5

Long Panel: Wide-Mid. Over the shoulder of Fina as she looks up at the boy. He’s looking down at her, staring and smiling.

Panel 6

Small Panel: Close. Fina looking up in a cute confused sort of way.

Fina: Soo…

Panel 7

Small Panel: Close. The boy is embarrassed, he’s looking away in a bashful manner.
Boy: Oh….right…uh, then let’s be on our way

Page 4

Panel 1

Wide Panel: Mid. The boy is in the F.G. picking up a small crate to the right of the panel. His
head is tilted towards Fina as he continues to look at her. Fina is walking behind him in the B.G.

Boy: We don’t get many Ornalesians up north this time a year. What brings you to Anteevo?

Fina: An expedition of sorts, though I’m not quite sure what it is I’m searching for.

Panel 2

Long Panel: Wide. Iso View. Fina and Boy are coming up to the deck.

Boy: Hmm, that’s so peculiar!

Fina: How so?

Boy: How do you know WHERE to look, if you don’t know WHAT you’re looking for?

Fina: I was told both answers are here. But, aye, it is a bit peculiar when you ask it like that!

Panel 3

Wide Panel: Mid. Side view. You can only see the Boy and Fina from the chest up. They, as well as the reader are getting a full glimpse of a large mountain in the distance. They’re both facing it, the boy has stopped moving to admire it. The box still in his hands. Fina has walked on, now in front of the boy.

Boy: Oh… you have ‘til twice the days’ time, otherwise my dad will leave you. Me dads rule… not mine!

Fina: Fair enough. I should be no more than a day, I think.

Panel 4

No Border: Mid. Fina walking down the ramp attached to the large frigate class ship. The Boy is at the rails watching her leave in the B.G. Fina awkwardly smiling as she walks away.

Boy: I’ll be waiting! Uhh…

Fina: Umm… OKAAYY!!


Panel 1

Wide Panel: Wide-Mid. Slight angled view. Fina is walking through a crowded street. She’s in a marketplace. There are people walking all around her in all directions. She of course is in the middle of the traffic. You can see cobblestone and wooden buildings in the b.g. Some people are noticeably staring at Fina. As she will stand out from the normal crowd.

Panel 2

Small Panel: Mid. Angled View from behind Fina. It’s a shot of a bridge connecting 2 building. The scene looks as if someone has spotted Fina in a large crowd from above her and behind.

Panel 3

Small Panel: Mid. Angled view behind Fina. Worms Eye. Fina is walking into an alley or narrow street off the main one.

Panel 4

Small Panel: Mid-Close. Front view. It is revealed that 2 shady looking individuals are tailing Fina. They are peeking around a corner.

Panel 5

Wide Panel. Angled View looking down. Top half is Mid-Wide. The Panel is separated from top right to bottom left, into 2 panels. (It’s basically cut in half from corner-to-corner)  In the top half Fina is walking out of the alley to another street. Bottom half is Close. Fina and an elderly man collide into one another.

Fina: Yee-AH!

Old Man: OOOFF!!!!


Panel 1

Long Panel: Mid. Over-the shoulder of the old man. He’s knocked down on his butt from the push. Fina is standing, in a concerned way. Her arm is extended as she’s reaching out to help him.

Fina: Oh gosh!!! Sir, My apologies… I didn’t see you…

Elder: It’s alright, lass, really!!

Panel 2

Small Panel: Mid. Fina’s hand is grabbing the hold man’s hand in an attempt to lift him back up on his feet.  

Elder: Just help an old man up, and we’ll call it even, eh!!
Panel 3

Small Panel. Under Panel 2. Mid. The man is back on his feet. Looking down to check himself. Fina is hunched to by slightly above eye-level with the elderly man.

Fina: There you are, sir. You’re not hurt are you?

Elder: Well, go on! I’m fine. I’m quite able despite the circumstances…

Fina: …Okay…

Panel 4

Small Panel:Close. In the B.G., Fina is walking away from the man. You can just see the back of the man’s head and a hand as he waves her goodbye.

Panel 5
Small: Close. The Man is still looking at Fina. The shady men from before approach the older man from behind.

Shady Man: Is it her?! Has the witch returned?

Elder: hard to say…

Panel 6

Large Panel: No Border. Front view. 3 men appear in the shot behind on the old man. He is still
looking at her. The closer man is looking at the old man. There’s 2 men in the back. One is looking at Fina. And the other at the old man.

Elder: The likeness is there, but I sense a warmth where the darkness once stirred. Let’s monitor her closely, our opportunity may have finally arrived.


Panel 1

Wide Panel. Wide-Mid. Side View. Fina standing in front of a circular wooden door, looking up.

Panel 2

Small Panel. Close. Mid. Fina opens the door. The light from the outside cuts through the darkness
inside of the shop.

Fina: HELLO…. It looks like I’m in the right place.

Panel 3

Large Panel. Over-Fina’s-Shoulder View. Fina is greeted by a tiny old lady with the appearance of a young girl.

Old Lady: Hello deary! What can I do ya for?!

Fina: I was told there was a specific compound of lacry’uhm on this island, and that you can help me locate it.

Old Pa: Oh you must be Delphina, here for the Boros Plant! A pretty Ornalesian flower, looking for a flower, eh?

Panel 4

Wide Panel. Mid. Slightly Angled view. An old man just has tiny as the woman but twice as large appears behind the old lady.  The old lady looking back with an annoyed expression.

Old Lady: Oh you hush now, Pa… the poor dear didn’t travel all this way just to listen to that.

Pa: She smiled didn’t she?!


Panel 1

Large Panel. Wide. Ma is holding Fina’s hand as she guides her into the shop, somewhat forcibly. Ma has an excitable facial expression, whereas Fina’s is surprisingly shocked.

Ma: Aye, probably on account of how ridiculous you sound.

Panel 2

Small Panel. Mid. A shot of Pa behind the store counter. He looks a little puzzled.

Pa: You all alone here sweetheart?

Panel 3

Large Panel. Wide-Mid. Ma and Pa, and Fina in the panel. Pa is behind the counter, Ma and Fina standing on the other side. There’s a window just behind Pa, with a view of the mountain.

Ma: Her name is Delphina…

Fina: Please call me Fina! And yes, but don’t worry! I’ve traveled on dozens of expeditions by myself. Is there something I should be made aware of?

Pa: I s’pose it’s nothing to fret over. You seem capable enough.

Fina: That’s a relief, so where is this Boros Plant?

Panel 4

Small Panel. Close. Shot of Ma.

Ma: You want the good news first?

Panel 5

Small Panel.  Close. Same shot. Shot of Pa.
Pa: Or do you want the bad news first?!


Panel 1

Long Panel. Mid. Pa is pointing at the mountain in the distance. The same mountain Fina observed when she arrived on Anteevo. Fina is seen walking towards the window.

Fina: *Sigh* Give me the bad first.

Pa: Bad news is, the Boros plant is up that mountain, there! Mt. Gissaet!!

Panel 2

Long Panel. Mid. Zoom in shot of the mountain. There are tree branches and leaves in the F.G., they aren’t fully obstructing the view but they are in the way. The mountain is still the focal point of the panel.

Panel 3

Small Panel. Close. Fina, perplexed by the bad news.

Fina: And the good?

Panel 4

Large Panel. The window is the border around the Panel, creating a sense of someone from the outside looking in. Fina and Pa’s attention is turned towards Ma. Ma is behind the counter top, she has a big smile on!

Ma: The plant grows in a quaint little cave not too far from the first trail. All in all, it’s about a little less than half way up the mountain.


Panel 1

Small Panel. Mid-Close. Fina’s reaction to the good news. She’s in her thinking position.

Fina: That’s good, right?! I won’t have to climb up to the top, at least.

Panel 2

Small Panel. Mid. Pa in a frustrated pose. He’s leaning on the counter with his hand on his head like he’s suffering from a migraine. Ma’s hands are seen touching his.
Pa: Ain’t you been listening, lass!! It’s Mt. Gissaets we’re talking about here. It’s dangerous up there now.

Panel 3

Long Panel. Mid. Fina and Ma. It’s and over the shoulder view of Ma talking to Fina. Fina has her arms crossed and leaning her weight on the wall behind her.

Ma: He’s right! Up ‘til a few months ago it’s been completely safe. But now there’s rumors of lacry’uhm rebels takin up residency in the caves. All sorts of travelers have ventured up there but only a few have returned.

Fina: Rebels, huh?! I didn’t think any were still around. Since the wars been over and all…
Panel 4

Small Panel. Mid. Ma behind the counter, in an animated pose. She’s measuring the air with both arms extended.

Ma: Oh why yes, the free Isles are bigger than you think!!!

Panel 5

Small Panel. Mid. Shot of Pa in a very animated pose as he starts to tell the ladies a story.
Pa: Them rebels is crafty suckers, I’ll tell ya! Ev’ry now and again you’ll see ‘em makin’ waves for the law men. I even seen one messin’ with this blob made outta lacry’uhm, damn thing was….


Panel 1

Small Panel. In Panel 2. Close. Close up of Fina, she’s staring at mountain. Her thoughts clearly elsewhere.

Pa: *AHEM…*

Panel 2

Large Panel. Close. Fina’s head is turned back towards Ma and Pa. Pa is looking at Ma and pointing at Fina like he’s sharing a secret with her and doesn’t want Fina to know.

Pa: By the divines, Ma… I never seen someone stare at a mountain with such longing intent…

Fina: I was lost in thought.

Panel 3

Large Panel. Wide. Everyone is in the shot. Fina is walking back to Ma on the other side of the counter. Ma is a halfway out of the panel, bending down.

Pa: Looked more like ya crossed over to another worldly plane, lass.

Ma: She’s just the adventurous type, Pa! You let her be.


Panel 1

Wide Panel: Mid-Close. Ma is off screen to the left of the panel, Pa has his hand on his chin and looks as if he’s remember the good-ol’ days.

Pa: You’re right about that, aye! Ya had that same look in your eye when we met! Remember Ma?! When we did that…

Ma: PA!!! FOCUS, now!!!

Panel 2

Large Panel: Wide. Pa is at the counter grabbing the feather from his ear. Ma is back in the panel holding a satchel. Fina is standing to the right of the panel of Panel 1, she’s looking down at Pa.

Pa: Right! Let me just draw you a map to that Boros cave and while I’m doin that Ma here can…

Ma: Already done!

Pa: …Provide you with… supplies…

Panel 3

Large Panel: Mid. Fina holding out her right arm, in a friendly refusal gesture. Her left arm is tugging on her poncho as if she’s about to open it.

Fina: Oh that won’t be necessary, I have supplies… of my own design, too.

Panel 4

Small Panel: Ma is setting the satchel on the counter top.

Ma: You have supplies on you, dearie? I don’t see ‘em!

Panel 5

Small Panel: Mid. Pa is dipping his feather in a vial of ink. He’s looking at Fina.

Pa: Our supplies will definitely help you up there, but let’s see whatcha got?


Panel 1

Long Panel: Wide. Ma and Pa looking at Fina, as she reveals her equipment under her overcoat. Her posture is confident and her arm position and facial expressions resemble a salesperson.

Fina: My soon-to-be patented Slee’Pellets. Though, I’ve yet to test them on humans, they knock out
leopards just fine! Here I have a few “unofficial” Alchemic ordinance. And here some recov’ry potions!

Panel 2

Small Panel: Mid. Ma and Pa look at each other with raised eyebrows and sunken jaws.

Panel 3

Small Panel: Mid.(Same Shot) Pa is trying to look in the satchel with an outstretched neck as he leans closer to the pack. Ma is looking at Fina, bashful-like.

Pa: Ma, what’s in the pack?

Ma: Some bread… oh, and some cheese…

Pa: There ya go!!!

Panel 4

Large Panel: Wide-Mid. Pa and Ma hand Fina the satchel and map. Fina is smiling embarrassedly as she accepts the gifts.

Ma: Your satchel…

Pa: …and your map…

Fina: Thanks, I forgot about food…

Panel 5

Large Panel: Mid-Wide. Front View. Ma is following Fina to the front door. Pa is in the B.G still behind the counter. Fina is still smiling as her head is tilted slightly to her right.

Pa: Don’t mention lass, just be careful!

Fina: I’ll be fine, really!

Ma: I know dearie… he likes to worry. That’s just his way. But DO careful up there!


Panel 1

Small Panel: Wide-Mid. Fina and Ma outside of the shop. Ma is close to the door and is still smiling her big smile. Fina is waving goodbye as she walks away.

Fina: With any luck, I’ll be back early tomorrow morning.

Ma: Hopefully, dearie!

Panel 2

Large Panel: Wide. Fina exiting the town gates. There’s a forest beyond the gates and the guards and popping out from the forest is part of a mountain slope, indicating that the mountain is still visible.

Panel 3

Small Panel: Wide. Back View. Fina is walking a winded trail in the forest, she’s in a sort of childish pose Like a child trying to walk and balance on a log. The time of day has changed to afternoon.

Panel 4

Small Panel: Wide. Fina is leaping over a fallen over tree.

Panel 5

Small Panel: Wide, Iso-birds eye view. Fina is seen leaving the forest canopy via trail.

Panel 6

Wide Pane: Mid. ZOOM IN. Fina is holding her hands over her eyes as she looks up to the reader.

Fina: Well, I guess there really a first time for everything!!!


Panel 1

All Page Panel: Angled view. Back view of Fina as she looks over the mountain. Her arm still over her eyes. There’s a lot of depth and difference in size between Fina and the mountain. The background will be slightly blurred.

WtWDB: Delphina 1
© 2015 - 2019 Thecheshirebat

An introduction Vol. to Where the Winds Don't Blow.

75 page storyboard project that will catalog my progression and show my transition from simple sketch storyboards to a full-fledged comic.

Its also a chance to show what life will be like for Delphina. I do hope you enjoy watching my progression.

You can see the storyboards www.thecheshirebatstudios.com/…

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