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Apple Moe by TheCheryl Apple Moe :iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 3 0 yes we do have a slideshow by TheCheryl yes we do have a slideshow :iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 8 3 Pitching it to the Dogs by TheCheryl Pitching it to the Dogs :iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 7 0 Cuddly kukus by TheCheryl Cuddly kukus :iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 2 1
Ceph's Shift
Cephei woke up to a dream. That was really the best way to describe how the world looked and felt different. She even moved different. It was hard to really process it was real, not when she had slept like the dead for days after the battle, recovering her energy after stretching herself so thinly. So dazed, she drifted about on her two legs, delicate looking things, dainty feet with hooves that gave only the fainted click upon the stone of her home. There was an old mirror she happened in front of and the young kaden stared in equal measures dazed and fascinated. Long hair, dark black and like silk with an under layer that glowed like a soft fiber. Dark skin, highset horns, and her markings? They were arranged in an unfamiliar way upon a face she didn’t recognize. Her tail was long, dark, and slender, with small pricks of glowing light. She looked like a young woman, Lucedarian? Not exactly… Hibridi or Heldyr then… Everything about her was slight. Too delicate, too d
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0
Mature content
Qitaq's Guro Raid :iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0
The Tentacled Standoff by TheCheryl The Tentacled Standoff :iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 2 0
A Straining Draining
The jungle lay silent save the ringing in her ears. Qitaq dragged herself into an upright position. Her body felt sluggish and heavy. Her hazy memory recalled this was the Viridian Tangle, but it was possessing an odd, dream-like quality to it she couldn’t place her claw on. Feeling woozy Qitaq slit her eyes open and took in her surroundings. Stones and broken trees lay everywhere, indicative of a landslide. She groaned. Memories filled her head, she and Yennova were gathering herbs for her upcoming litter. Cubs always did better when their mother was dutiful in taking tonics and extracts. Here she was now, partially buried in the mud and rocks, pulling herself free of the landslide. Shouldn’t she be in pain? Her front half was still good, but looking towards her lower half, she could tell her pelvis was likely smashed. Her back legs would not move. A severe injury considering where they were and how away far away any settlements were on their migration routes. The ringing
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0
Rekindling Bonds Over Copper
It was morning at the Narbe base located in the Blasting Grounds of the Blasting Moors. Within the renovated fortress Izallie was heading out to get a headstart work. He’d only recently come back to the pack and just as before, he knew he had to pull his weight, especially with two growing boys under his care. The toa was still getting used to this new chapter of life. Just as much, so were his boys. He’d just finished feeding them and discussing their boundaries. It was important they knew where they could and couldn’t go in the fort so that they could avoid getting into trouble with anyone while he was out.  Izallie was going to be away for a number of hours digging up copper that the pack needed. Frankly, he hoped it wouldn’t take all day. Randolf and Samoy were still young enough to not always know better and old enough they could get into trouble easily if left to their own devices. Part of him missed his old pack, Proto, for that reason, there was alw
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0
Picking a Home
Coming back to Narbe felt strange to Izallie. When he left they were all still sleeping in dens out in the fields now they had a fortress they’d laid claim to complete with a series of empty, abandoned buildings. Randolf followed him closely, asking questions and constantly wanting to interact with his recently revived brother, Samoy. The cub looked different than Izz remembered; more vibrant, colorful. He’d grown, a mixed feel for his father, but, Samoy was not fully right in other ways. Ways that Izallie was still figuring out. It seemed like, while Samoy had grown to match his brother’s age, his development did not. The tarn did not grant him magic knowledge he hadn’t had a chance to learn before his death. It was alright, the cub would learn it, he had his father and brother to teach him.
The building he’d laid claim to was made of stone with an old wooden door. There wasn’t a whole lot to it. It was cleaned out, at least within the past few week
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 1 0
Bounty - The No Sweat Sweater Get
With a new addition to the family in the making Quince was growing more and more as Art would describe it, “family minded”. Maybe it was because the addition of Ace into the family brought out a positive energy to the lot of them. Maybe it was just Quince’s family sensed he was getting his life together and started coming out the woodwork. Who even knew. Whatever the reasoning for it, Quince was getting all gaga at the idea of forging stronger relations with the rest of his relatives. The method of choice? Throwing gold at it.
It was something of an understanding between the two that Quince equated success with monetary expenditures. If there was a problem that was possible to be fixed in some way with cash, then Quince liked solving it that way. They weren’t poor, he’d reason, so why waste their hard-earned free time doing things the way people without money did them. Hunting? Waste of time, buy meat. Something in the cave needed work? Hire a contractor.
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0
An Encounter in Berry Picking
The caravan of traders didn't have and berries that were for eating, Casper had found out. What he didn't expect was his grandfather giving him permission to venture out into the nearby forest and try his hand at picking some. There was only one rule; keep the village and the caravan in sight. That seemed like it'd be easy enough, even with the fog Terendum was known for blowing in like a gentle sheet over the grounds. Casper was caught up on the idea that if he could find berries his grandmother would be happy and she could make a cobbler and all in all it would be a great evening after. Maybe she'd be extra proud and happy to know he was the one who was brave enough to venture on out to the woods and gather some himself. He glanced back behind himself and saw the red and gold wagons just fine before he trotted forward. He was in a little bit of a hurry, his grandmother told him to keep an eye on his grandfather so he didn't buy things they didn't need, and out here he really couldn't
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0
The Caravan Visit
Morning came to Terendum and while it was foggy and gloomy out there was someone bright and cheery as he went about his morning chores of helping out his grandfather with breakfast. Today was a farina porridge with savory strips of salty, spicey but tender garchomp meat and hard boiled eggs. Casper tried his best to not just wolf down the food and be proper with it but that was a hard thing to ask of a young toa with the promise of going out to see a caravan after his morning chores were done. So Casper ate slower when his grandfather was looking and nabbed a few bigger bites whenever the older toa’s back was turned all the way up until he was placing his dishes in the sink and joining in on the peeling and chopping of the vegetables. That accomplished he was off moving as quickly as he could as to not be yelled at for running in the house and going to stuff the linens in his bag so he could change the bedsheets and later do the laundry. His grandmother chuckled and made a remark
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 2 0
The Nightly Wind Down
The evening was a busy, bustling time for the village inn located in Terendum. The hunters came in for the evening to boast about the game they hunted. The farmers sought socialising now that the fields were done being tended to for the day. Guards were grabbing a bite to eat before their shifts started. The merchants were winding down and treating themselves to a meal. The outsiders; be they travelers, questers, or pilgrims were here to take advantage of a meal and the chance to be sleeping in a warm soft bed. The village tower’s bell rang out, its gongs could travel for miles. The first gong was to announce it was getting late, the second, which came a half hour later; a warning to come inside. The third? That was when they closed the gates of the great wall that surrounded their village for the night. Nobody wanted to be outside the gates when they shut; once they shut they would not open until morning. That was the biggest downside to living in this place. Their guardian was
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0
The Afternoon Cleanup
Casper had finished helping his grandmother out in the kitchen and was carrying the buckets of kitchen scrap out towards the back of the inn. There within the pen the charcoal toa spotted the fat and large diceros barrow lying about on its side. It had been caught by the hunters in the Terendum marsh two months ago abouts. There it was castrated and its long horns sawed off. While that must not have been a particularly great day for the beast it didn’t really seem to care anymore now. It got plenty of food from the uneaten leftovers of their guests’ meals, and all the kitchen scrap and waste it could eat. All day the large beast lounged about, enjoyed getting muddy, shit, and ate. Casper was a little fond of the thing but seeing as he was the one who had to keep its pen cleaned, well, that fondness only went so far. Besides. It was not a  pet. Once it hit a certain girth, his grandfather said, the local butcher would come on by with some of the other locals and then th
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 1 0
The Morning Bustle
The young toa stirred in his bed, black feathers contrasting with the white sheets. There was a stray beam of light illuminating from the crack between the shutters lazily trawling up closer and closer to the toa’s shut eyes. At a set pace it traveled across his arms that were hugging his blankets closer, over his hunched shoulders and tucked in neck before it reached its goal of settling across his face. His face scrunched up in his sleep and a groan escaped his muzzle. “Casper! You’re going to oversleep!” his grandmother called from the hall, reigning in the death knell of another night’s sleep. Green eyes opened, than shut tight fast as he hissed over the sudden light and sat up in bed. It was a new day and another morning and Casper had work to do. Pulling himself out of bed the toa made his bed diligently and pulled the loose draping robe from off his back. These were traditional night clothes the ketucari in his town wore. It helped keep the bedding
:iconthecheryl:TheCheryl 0 0


[HK] Charmed by VisceralLuster [HK] Charmed :iconvisceralluster:VisceralLuster 7 0 [HK] Drama and Alternatives by VisceralLuster [HK] Drama and Alternatives :iconvisceralluster:VisceralLuster 9 3 They Rolling We Hating by Feral-Ringo-Zebra They Rolling We Hating :iconferal-ringo-zebra:Feral-Ringo-Zebra 3 0 Rustic Outting by Poison-Anthem Rustic Outting :iconpoison-anthem:Poison-Anthem 4 2 Akharoq by Umbrafen Akharoq :iconumbrafen:Umbrafen 88 12 A new beginning by Umbrafen A new beginning :iconumbrafen:Umbrafen 111 14 How do we get back down? by SilentFox-6 How do we get back down? :iconsilentfox-6:SilentFox-6 2 1
Feldar Meetings
It was quite a hot day. The sun burned mercyless on the ground. So Gestirn decided to lead her family out of Feldar and the Waste and into the shades of the Singing Vales. Especially Rosalie and Pheanyx, who couldn't cope the heat this easily were greatfull for the day off. The charcoal Kadin smiled. At the moment, she had send the adults to hunt some food for them to eat here. Making sure to have a good eye on Aalish - her newest slave. She didn't want to loose her, or that she got injured because anyone was careless. She still had to learn how it would be best to work with Aalish. Such things needed time... Her ears perked, she listened to the noise of her two cubs that tried to sneak after the hunting adults. She let them go. She allready made sure that these two where able to defent themselves against the wildlive around here. It was another thing with the much younger Hrethian, and so the tiny, stone bundle laid between her frontpaws and got washed carefully.
The Vale wasn't his f
:iconnarjana:Narjana 2 0
Berry Picking by Poison-Anthem Berry Picking :iconpoison-anthem:Poison-Anthem 4 0 Island sparkles by SilentFox-6 Island sparkles :iconsilentfox-6:SilentFox-6 6 4
She sneef we ALL sneef
Cheep cheep, cheep cheep. The little sounds followed her as she pranced through the silvery strands of wheat like shyll plants all around them. She didn’t have to look, she knew right where her babies were as they walked, and she was caring for them so good. So very good for Iani and their toa.
Feral had grown bored of waiting around in the dug out cave the small group of ketucari had claimed as their home recently. It was nice but there were so few creatures around to hunt and play with, and the two cubs were also so squirmy and restless at this age. This would be good, so so good for them all. Even if nobody else knew the three of them had come out here.
Grasshopper pounced, landing atop his fluffy brother who wailed before turning over and pawing back into his brothers own fluffy mass. It stopped their forward progress behind their feral caretaker though, and feral had to pause and look back at them. She waited for just a minute, watching their wrestling match that didn’
:iconsilentfox-6:SilentFox-6 1 0
Night Lights by Poison-Anthem
Mature content
Night Lights :iconpoison-anthem:Poison-Anthem 2 0
Gutting the Monster by CeriMond Gutting the Monster :iconcerimond:CeriMond 2 4 Ketu BBQ by CeriMond Ketu BBQ :iconcerimond:CeriMond 4 3 Turning Tentacles to Smoke by CeriMond Turning Tentacles to Smoke :iconcerimond:CeriMond 3 0 Deruun Trenchwizard by bropocalypse-draws Deruun Trenchwizard :iconbropocalypse-draws:bropocalypse-draws 2 0



Several bases to choose from!

Ianicon by TheCherylSidicon by TheCheryl VishaIcon by TheCheryl
Smooth Base      Silky Base       Fantail Base
Circle Kets!


Pixelketstanding by TheCheryl Pixelketstandingunshade by TheCheryl
   Shaded                 Unshaded
Standing Kets!

PixelBanu by TheCherylPixelTaur by TheCheryl PixelGwyn by TheCheryl

Phoenix Base!
(Unshaded optional)

I've been having fun with making these lately and want to see if anybody is interested in having one for done for their ket.
1 for $5
4 for $15

Notes: As these are just under 100 x 100 px (Standing and Phoenix base is within 128x128 px (except when horns come into play on the phoenix!), please keep in mind complex designs might not translate as well in the space provided.
Smooth, Silky, and Fantail base only right now for the jumping kets, Smooth only for the standing, thanks!
I'll take five orders to start (1-4 per person) and pick more down the line as I finish up the batch.


Thank you!
It's been a while since I played stryx but I have a lot of really good birds I just don't connect with anymore.
So I'll be taking offers my flock.

USD is my most preferred payment method!
Genos and Slots I'm not interested in because I'm trying to thin my herd not add to it!
AP is the most tentative maybe, but :iconkukuri-arpg: or :iconketucari: activity rolls do interest me

Cade 4827 by EyeOfGalyx
Dom Snow
Genotype: ee/aa/SS/nI/nSt
Phenotype: Stained Snow with Ink

Reggie 4130 by EyeOfGalyx
Genotype: ee/Aa/ss/nSt/nPn/nH/nU/nSpl
Phenotype: Hooded Stained Splotched Soil Pangare with Unders

Dream 4893 by EyeOfGalyx
PhenotypeGalyx Splotched Snow Pangare

Animus 3945 by EyeOfGalyx
On Hold!

Lucky 5072 by EyeOfGalyx
On Hold!

Vivamus 670 by EyeOfGalyx

Cinnamon Roll 4661 by EyeOfGalyx

Ariane 5020 by EyeOfGalyx


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