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All the pictures in my gallery are free to use. Just try to remember to give credit.
I decided to just let anyone use anything in my gallery for whatever, you can use them in other pictures or recolor them. I don't care.
I often get people asking if they can use some of my art for something, a lot of the time I have said no, but after thinking about it a bit, I decided I don't really care.
So, all pictures in my gallery are now free to use for anything, since most of them are vectors (I think that's what they are called when they don't have a background, i'm not sure though) but if you want to use something else I've drawn, I don't really care.

The only thing I don't want done is reposting, I don't want anyone posting any unedited pictures of mine in their gallery.

I love to get comments on my pictures, and I do read all of them. I have a hard time thinking of responses though, so I probably won't reply to some of them.



Ice Cave
wow this took way too long, I don't have much experience with backgrounds
at one point I thought I lost all my progress because Sai crashed and my save disappeared, but it saved it as a .temp file for some reason, but I somehow found a way to get my work back

I used some backgrounds from the show for reference, especially for the inside of the cave. I mostly used the episode where Spike meets Thorax for reference.

I still haven't come up with names for these two. 
They are from this picture

Here's what "backstory" I have for these two, which I probably will change a bit

The Bicorn (I guess is what he's called, there's got to be something else because that sounds stupid) is a powerful pony from long ago who wanted to rule equestria (i haven't really worked out much of his backstory yet) but he lived in a frozen land in the north, he was eventually sealed away in ice, not sure by who yet, but he is later freed in the present by the bat pony 

The other one is bat pony who was once served Luna, he becomes jealous of the princess's power, he wants to overthrow her and rule the night.  He learns of the Bicorn from long ago who is still frozen in ice, he frees him and tells him he will help him take over equestria, and recruit some others to help as long as he can rule the night. 

The versions of these characters in Equestria Girls are in an anime club and are just huge nerds, they aren't very popular.
Bowsette and Bowsette Jr.
I'm a bit late to the party but here's a Bowsette, and Jr.

I was try to draw them in a style similar to Mario 2d art, most of those are shaded though, but I was to lazy to add any shading
Pony OCs 7
I really like the first one's design but I didn't really come up with a very interesting cutie mark for her, she is supposed to be very sophisticated, she is very kind and pleasant but kind of an air head. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted her cutie mark to be so I just made it a flower.

The second one loves to make bows and other mane and tail accessories, she sells them at a booth she set up

The third one's cutie mark is a strawberry and three blueberries, I didn't come up with a personality or anything for her.

The forth one has a jester hat cutie mark, he can be a bit of a clown and likes to pull harmless pranks.

The fifth one's cutie mark is paper and a writing quill, he likes to write poetry and love stories.

The last one is in an edgy emo band he and his friends started, he is a sweetie pie though, he dyes his hair red to match to aesthetic of the band. He is the lead singer. His friends/band members are all pretty cheerful, they started the band during their edgy teenage years but kept the theme as years went on. I'll probably design his friends at some point
Pony OCs 6
I really hate how most of these designs turned out, the only one I like is the pegasus on the top row. I decided to upload them anyway since I wasted so much time on them.
I was trying to make some green ponies, but it turns out green looks really ugly on ponies.

The first one is the only one I came up with a name for, her name is Green Bean and her cutie mark is some green beans and a green bean bloom because I'm super creative.

The second one's name is Disco Derby (suggested by Eclipse-The-Awesome)  she is supposed to look like the 90s or 80s.

The third one's cutie mark is a writing quill and a cloud because she likes "drawing" with clouds, she just arranges clouds to look like pictures or whatever.

The forth one's cutie mark is a cookie and a piece of broccoli because I hate him 

The fifth one's cutie mark is a banana and a banana leaf, I think his design is okayish, I don't hate it as much as the other ones.

The last one is a mess, his cutie mark is just three stars because I didn't care to come up with anything more interesting for him.
I was going through some of my older stuff that I didn't finish, and I found some Gravity Falls stuff I think I'll finish up and post, some of it's not that great, and some of it's just sketches

I might also post some Steven universe and Invader Zim stuff too, I found a few pictures of those I was working on at some point



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