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Lauryn Hill

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This was done with Carbon, Graphite, and color pencils. I think there's something missing, but i'm not sure what else to add to it.
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super dope!! Sent you a message about this one
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WOW! THAT's an amazing portrait ! =D
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Love the big Lauryn Hill and the DreadLocks.
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Please leave just as it is period! Oh of course I'm asking for your permission for this precious piece as well. (Ispirare) :XD:
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I like the contrast between colour and black & white in the same draw! So original
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This work has been featured here: [link] :D
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Missing something or not, it's a beautiful work of art.:iconclappingplz:
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amazing! so is she :)
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wow this is amazing so beautiful
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Congratulations! :w00t: This portrait has been included in #CelebrityPortraits's 'Best Of' feature for the month of November! :clap: You can see the feature here!
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I think the entire background should be black, and you can separate her hair from the background with highlights...but this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL...I :heart: it!!!
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This is beautiful!
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This looks great! You really
made her look perfect
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beautiful piece...i love her music
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It looks to me that there is nothing to add. You're just a picky with your own work. I can relate. Excellent work.
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I love it!, its a gorguous composition! especially the color contrast
About you thinking its missing something, maybe a 3rd element? In my artclasses i'm told to use odd numbers, never evens blah blah blah, because it ballances or something, that rule dosen't apply to everything, and i think your drawing is absolutly gorgous as it is, you don't need to add anything :D
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beautiful composition! great work :clap:
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add nothing. great work
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AMAZINGG. Like this is greatt!
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Wow! Awesome work! :)
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beautiful contrast! i think it looks great! :dance:
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I love Lauren Hill. I really don't think there's anything missing here. Very nice work. :nod:
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