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For Blizzard's fan art contest.

Watch me paint it!


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Just about the best drawing of Zeratul ive seen.
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Love this picture! Zeratul is by far my number one favorite character!
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we all are..

may he rest in peace

En Taro Zeratul
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My life, for Aiur
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Your welcome!
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Awesome artwork, great job!
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amazing man!
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Spectacular stuff. love how you paint and sketch.
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This is fantastic. But I noticed the one working link you provided doesn't start from the beginning. Do you have a video that does?

Thanks so much for painting this, it's inspiring!
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Unfortunately no. I started work on it without streaming, so that's the soonest I have, I'm afraid.
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DUDE! F'in beautiful!
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Thank you for reminding me why I want to be an illustrator.
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That's an awesome compliment, thank you for sharing that. Best of luck to you, never stop drawing! :D
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