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StarCraft 2: All-In

Starcraft 2 Fan art. Named after the final level in the game.
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© 2010 - 2021 TheChaoticKnight
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Very nice, I like this so much!

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Every single Zerg in Char... against Jim Raynor.

Welp, seems Jimmy's got this in the bag! Beautiful work! :D
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Hello, your artwork has been featured in this journal . It would be great if you could drop a comment. Everyone’s opinion is needed on this.

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I beat this level on hard with only marines and medics

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Yeah that's basically the way to do it, have a mobile force.
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General, you know I always have a card to play.
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Too much awesomeness!
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When I saw this, I thought you were idra.
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haha oh? Not sure how I could be confused with him, I'm not even close to being pro at sc2. ;P (Not that I would mind at all haha)
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It was featured here :) [link]
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Thank you for the feature!
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