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Illidan Stormrage

Illidan from World Of Warcraft
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I love how you have depicted him I never really liked the WoW makes characters super buff, so this appeals to me as it's a much more realistic frame for him. The emotion is palpable.
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beautifuly done i must say
Luarun's avatar
hnnnnggh. amazing job by the way c:
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Thunderstormseeker's avatar
Such strong feelings in one picture... Amazing!
darkfireradiant's avatar
I approve of the skinnier look! It fits him a lot better imo. Great job :)
koopazz's avatar
WOW °_°
Just wonderful.
FallenAngel235's avatar
this is extraordinary *--*... i'm in love!
VillainsINC's avatar
I like this a lot, but the only hangup I have on it is that he looks a little too scrawny in this picture.. :( I always pictured him as a lot more muscular than this.

Other than that, however, he's AMAZINGLY drawn! Good job!!
TheChaoticKnight's avatar
Yeah a few of the pictures in the art of Warcraft books had him either impossibly buff, or really skinny. I imagined him more serpent like and fast, so I went with the scrawnier look. :P
VillainsINC's avatar
"serpent like and fast" <-- awesome way to put it!

That works very well, I think! :D
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This is gorgeous ^.^ Really greatly done here =D
katiescarlet's avatar
He oozes a good way! Awesome mood.
TheChaoticKnight's avatar
Hahaha yeah, he's humming "Crawling In My Skin" to himself. :P
StudioSmugbug's avatar
Love the mood/tone of this one.
Luciddreamsartworld's avatar
Simply amazing, as usual. You are such a talented artist :D
PlzExcuseMyInk's avatar
and he comes out of the blue with another awesome piece of work! It's so cool, Oh We need you to hang out with us! we miss you mike D:
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