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Hey guys,

If you haven't heard, BronyCon: The Documentary is gonna have limited edition posters being sent to people who supported the kickstarter.
The poster design was gonna fall to a public vote with anyone being able to submit an entry.
With 14 hours left the clear winner of the contest suddenly has a rival, a poster that is amiable but the quality of which wouldn't be the best for such a limited poster.

I ask that you help support the contenders, here.


Don't forget about the group icon contest that's currently going on!

We've only got three entries so far!
The winner gets a copy of the Humble Indie Bundle V!


In other news,
We're now affiliated with :iconmlpfriendshipismagic: a fairly large art group. :D
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Group Info

First Ever MLP FIM : Changelings Group
*And super group*

I feel that this will forever be a point of argument as there is another group that claims the same. All I know for sure is that I submitted the request to dA as soon as I saw our Almighty Queen during the premier.

Our current group icon is used with permission and is by*fore-trekker

His artwork was also used in the very first highquality Audio capture of "This Day Aria", which was featured on EqD for a few hours before a 1080p capture took it's place.

A Canterlot Wedding (1080p)



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Hey, admins?! Y U NO longer receiving deviations here?
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Hey, group? I tried to submit 2 drawings, one of which expired.
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Hey everyone, today's your last chance to vote for Chrysalis as the next cutout on the Hub website: [link]
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