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The Daily to Semi Daily Journal of sketches, observational studies and concepts of

check us out..

we've got stuff that aint posted on DA.. yeh..

--~WEEKLY JAMZ~-- set up by :iconfelle2thou: and :iconthechamba:
[note:to check previous jams entries ->… ]

Jam06 - 'Zombi-fied'
simple theme, real basic.. jst draw any of your own Original Characters as the Undead.

Nelly Zombified by DangerPins uhhhhZombie by stottt protein is good for you by mojokingbee:thumb28788526::thumb28772536: Growing Pains by Debotkin Zombilicious by infinitecanvas:thumb28782144: DEAD SYKED by theCHAMBA o.O My little Mockingbird O.o by AnnT33k:thumb28864967: brain slurpy by mojokingbee:thumb28844829: I ZOMBI by Santolouco Zombie Canuck by Gaston25 BRAAAAAAAINS by nanook123 Raising the Pack by MisterFerv ZOMBIE Ti - Art Jam 06 by NevermoreStudios zombie B by bdkrt

Mature Content

Zombified Woman by Themrock
:thumb28907559: ZOMBIES sketch by dmario

*Previous Jam*
Jam05 - 'DoubleDashKart'
draw 2 of ur own personal charcaters in ur own made up mario kart 'double dash' style

Fox Kart 65 by MisterFerv Tyndrel Kart -finished by scoundreldaze Double Dash Kart Jam by bigfelipe Born To Be Wild... by scoundreldaze:thumb28425697: FooRio Kart_lineZ by FooRay u wanna play? by felle2thou DSNG Poster 49 - Bubbadee 2 by DSNG clown cart by mojokingbee DMario Kart - GO GO by dmario MarioDash by Eshima Double Dash Jam by ShadowMaginis:thumb28503515::thumb28508433: Double Dash Jam - Paco y Lucho by Italiux ZUUUM by Flatliner74 MAME KART - Double Dash Jam by Santolouco Gear Sword Mario K-A-rt Jam by sole-soul DoubleDash Kart-Style by theCHAMBA DD for jam by crashhappy Double Dash Jam by Doodley

well since we're on Jam 05, we'll only be updating [as in linking in our journals] pieces from the previous week's Jam [in this case jam 04]
that is all

-=~IMPORTANT NOTE~=- , jst read this part so i won't havta answer this question several times

any1 can do a piece for these Jams
it's not limited to particular people..
it's mainly done for those peeps who usually get in da mood to draw, but dun realy kno what to draw..
if a theme tickles ya fancy, run w/ it..
when ya post it, msg either felle2thou or myself w/ your link.. and we'll attach your links to our posts and vice-versa [link the other peeps posts along w/ your post]

that should explain it all

---------------------~STUFF I'MMA DRAW~---------------------
BigCityHeroes sketches...
who knows anymore....

---------------------~OTHER THINGS~---------------------
collabs - possibly, depends
requests - NOPE...
commissions - Open, send me a note [i needs the money for.. shtuff]

also for people who've asked...

My Colour Tute!!-- >>…

i might do a cel-shade one soon... .. maybe

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anotha 1 -[link] im hot!!!
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ThemrockProfessional Traditional Artist
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Sky202 Traditional Artist
Awesome collection there :D

Also, since I saw it on my way 'in'... 300,300ishness

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heh nice one..

rea; pitty i aint doin kiribans this time around
Sky202's avatar
Sky202 Traditional Artist
Fair enough. Just felt like giving you a "Oi, look what I saw" sort of moment. :D
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DualmaskProfessional Digital Artist
Congrats on exceeding 300,000 views!
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hey.. wicked

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I think I posted it before, but I know you get tons of comments and I didnt see it go up with your update so ill try again. thanks :)
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BlackKusanagiHobbyist General Artist
Those are some hot jams though man. Cant wait to see more. :D
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There's my entry :D
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MisterFerv Traditional Artist
I could not get My piece for this week's jam done fast ENOUGH(even though I did it all in one night, heh heh): [link]

This may've been My favorite one yet, heh heh.
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cool beans
yeh this theme did own alot
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heres my zombie dude, man... [link]
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Yo Jeff! Here's my entry for the zombi-fied jam!>> [link]
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Here is my submission for Jam06 zombi-fied! [link]
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hey man got this up, unfortunately bad computer access mean i cant be as vigilant on keeping the work all linked and thumbs on my journal :( haha. no photoshop either. anyway /end ramble.

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ummm what if they are as a rule undead 0.o?
squeet-chan's avatar
what if your own character is already dead :D?
theCHAMBA's avatar

that'd kinda defeat the purpose of this jam.. ehehe

if ya got another character that AINT dead.. then that'd work better ehe
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Wicked-Little-TownProfessional General Artist
Count me in! Here's my Zombie character. =) [link]
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stotttProfessional Digital Artist
hey you alll!!! ive got a zombie to submit(this is my first for the jams,, im pumped to do more)

here it is [link]

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DangerPinsProfessional Digital Artist
Man... considering how long it's taking everyone else (well it has only been a day I guess) I'm startin to think maybe I should take a little more time and do another one. Maybe an ironic one of zombie oscar (Oscar is a lil robot/boombox). Haha he could be all rusty with wires hangin out. Actually I think I'll do this.
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