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Thanks to all those who had purchased a bust commission from me.
Due to those people, I had managed to raise $970USD which I had just donated over to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief (a GlobalGiving Project).

Unfortunately, due to my current Paypal security review status, I am no longer accepting any commissions.
But again, I'd like to thank those that did manage to catch me (when my Paypal was still working fine) and nab a bust commission.
Thank you for supporting the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief.

:iconterrormokes: - Sharc bite by theCHAMBA
:iconjigsaws231: - B-Boy by theCHAMBA
:iconaethergamer: - 'Got a Light?' by theCHAMBA Surging with Power by theCHAMBA
:iconjadecillustrations: - Escay's Okay by theCHAMBA
:iconlokkness: - Fan of himself by theCHAMBA Closeness by theCHAMBA
:icondevlin2010: - HELIUM by theCHAMBA
:iconmelandrhild: - :thumb200926493:
Mattie-san - Red Skies by theCHAMBA Half Dog Demon by theCHAMBA
:iconrodcom1000: - Vector's Creator by theCHAMBA
:iconthorsassassin: - Thor's Assassin by theCHAMBA
:iconwanderinghobo: - BURNNN by theCHAMBA
:iconleomon32: - Lil' Bahn-y Fu Fu by theCHAMBA
:iconmilandare: - Give her a fair go by theCHAMBA
:iconmutantpenguin: - Pengers by theCHAMBA

If you are still interested, you can hit up :iconbenbrush: as he's also doing these commissions for Japan relief also.
Up to you.
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That was really nice of you,
Too bad your pay pall account was stupid >.<