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I along with fellow UdonCrew noodle NgBoy will be in attendance at #AmazingComicCon #Aloha!

I look forward to seeing you all attending once again! It's a tip-top show!
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Nycc-ig-main by theCHAMBA

edwinhuang and I will be sharing a table in the Artist Alley of NYCC this coming October in New York.

If you're interested in a pre-con sketch, email at: with the subject 'NYCC sketch' for rates and general inquiry.
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Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas 2018 by theCHAMBA
This coming weekend I'll be heading back to #LasVegas for my second appearance at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

I'll be there with fellow :iconudoncrew: noodles :iconngboy: and :iconvostalgic:

Do drop by and say hey if you're local or are planning on attending!
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SUPANOVA Melbourne 2018 by theCHAMBA

April 21 & 22, 2018

:iconedwinhuang: and I will be sharing a table at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Melbourne.

Artist Alley TABLE 204

My sketch commission list for pickup at the show is now open.

To make a request, send an email to and I’ll get back to you with pricing.

Headshot: greyscale (plus colour accent)
Torso: greyscale / limited colour
Fullbody: greyscale / full colour
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MEFCC pre-con by theCHAMBA

mefcc in Dubai next month from April 5-7, 2018 and I'll be there. 

My sketch commission list for pickup at the show is now open. 

To make a request, send an email to and I’ll get back to you with pricing. 

Headshot: greyscale (plus colour accent)
Torso: greyscale / limited colour
Fullbody: greyscale / full colour 

Will work on these during show, if I can't get em done before flying out.

See y'all there.
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Click link for details:…

Email Inquiries Only:

Will not check Private Messages.
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I'll be attending MADMAN Anime Fest in Melbourne, Australia.
4th and 5th of November.
Artist Alley table CZ9

For any Locals attending, what prints would you want me to bring with me?
I don't plan on bringing too many, manly what I have left from previous shows this year
BUT I may reprint 1 or 2 older pieces.
Question is, which ones?
Mind you, this question is only for those attending since these prints will only be available for those attending.
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1st Jam Information can be found at :   ChipperChapChat Jams - Dragon Ball Manga REMIXwelcome to the FIRST :iconChipperchapchat-jams: JAM!!!!
FooRay and I have been talking about this for a few weeks now over at the podcast
Well here it is now!
* DOWNLOAD the .zip file that contains 5 pages from the Dragon Ball manga (click) --->
* Select one of the pages
* Use the provided template for the selected page and REDRAW the page in your style!
* Any style is fine, so long as it's NOT the Dragon Ball/Toriyama style. EXAMPLE:
* Black & white OR Colour, up to you!
* Once you're done, submit it to the ChipperChapChat-JAMS gallery folder
* you can do more than one page if you like!
* Don't RUSH yourself. You have over 1 month to do this. Make it look good!
* DO NOT TRACE the original lines. That's not the point of this jam. If we notice any indication that tracing is involved in any way, your submission will be rejected.
This jam will end on:
Saturday 30th

ALSO the final :iconskratchjams: is also going on right now!

More info on that at :  SkratchJams OC's in Star WarsFinal :iconskratchjams: JAM before shifting all NEW jams to :iconchipperchapchat-jams:
Real simple here.
* Take ANY OC's from the Skratchjams OC pool :
* If you choose your own OC, you have to do an another OC in addition.
* Re-imagine the OC as one of the members of the following Star Wars groups: Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire!
* Illustrate the character in Full Colour (digital or traditional) into the template provided:
* Submit to 'Skratchjams OC's in Star Wars' folder:
* If you like, you can depict the selected OC as each! (or even a different Oc for each if you like)
* Provide URL to the OC in your submission text description.
* If you don't have an OC in the OC pool and you'd like to participate anyway, it's all good.
All you'll have to do is Fill one of these in: and submit i
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Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, 2017 by theCHAMBA
First time in Hawaii!

I'll be there with fellow :iconudoncrew: Noodle :iconngboy:, so make sure you drop by our table!
Should be gold!
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Evo2017-05 by theCHAMBA

This weekend, Fellow :iconudoncrew: Noodles Vostalgic & edwinhuang and I will be at the event, doing signings, sketches and prints

Drop by if you're there!
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AX2017 IG Template by theCHAMBA

Booth 5017

I'll be there kicking it with UdonCrew's Vostalgic edwinhuang & Robaato 

Should be quite aces! 
We'll be sketching all weekend 
#animeexpo #udonent

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Vegas2 by theCHAMBA

In a fortnight, I'll be attending my first 2017 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con alongside fellow UdonCrew noodle NgBoy 

Should be a fun show, so if you're around definitely drop by!
Also a massive thanks to #AmazingComicCon for having me there!
It'll be my 1st U.S show for 2017.

Email for Pre-Con inquiry at:
LIMITED pre-con spaces

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Bam9 by theCHAMBA
This Weekend, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
BAM9 fighting game Tournament is happening!

I'll be there:
Saturday 13th 11am-5pm,
Sunday 14th May, 11am-3pm.

Black & White Single character Headshot Commissions:

A6 postcard – $10

A5 Headboard – $30

Street Fighter Blank Cover – $50

Also some prints for $10 each.
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6th of May, 2017
Free Comic Book Day 2017 by theCHAMBA
I'll be at the following this Saturday doing FREE headshot postcards

ALSO remember to pick up :iconudoncrew:'s FREE 'Street Fighter V' comic that I drew (with back up comic drawn by HeavyMetalHanzo)

In Addition!

Those attending that would like to purchase a copy of ChamBOOK Vol.2 Drop me a note here so I can remember to bring a copy for you to purchase!

$30 for book
$40 for book with Sketch inside book

100 pages
250mm x 250mm (9.84 x 9.84inchs)
Spiral Bound
ChamBOOK vol.2 by theCHAMBA
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APRIL 29/30
@ the ALLEY

I'll have prints, books and will be doing commissions.

Table info soon!

Should be a fun show!
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Inktober2016 For Sale. by theCHAMBA

Selling the pieces from #Inktober2016
Email your HIGHEST BID (for your best chance) and which piece to:

Bidding ends at:
Monday 14th November 2016

Things to note:
USD prices, PayPal only.
Australia shipping : $5
International shipping : $10

For more details of each piece, browse my gallery to see each upload individually.
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October 15 - 16, 2016


This Weekend, I'll have books, prints and Commissions available

I'll be at Artist Alley table 52!
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Do you Chipper Chat?
If not, you should!

#ChipperChapChat IS on #YouTube, so there's no excuse!
Join :iconfooray:, regular guest :iconitskanoe: and myself
As we talk pop culture we're into and watch some artwork get created!

The Latest!


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:iconfooray:, :iconitskanoe: and I *SPOILER* review #BATMANvSUPERMAN along with a time-speed Art-Stream!

if you prefer to just listen the audio on it's own, you can peep that at the following:…
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