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the Red Cyclone

Recently coloured as I've been meaning to for a while now.
Drawn last year during my SDCC/Otakon Convention trip with :iconudoncrew:

here's the Lines:

Flatted by Kwibi, Cel-shaded by me in PSCS3 using an Intuos2 whilst listening to Bubba Sparxxx - Ugly (classic Timbo beat)
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Fucking Awesome!
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Gah, Zangeif is a big hairy, bulging russian freakazoid but I LOVE HIM.
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aguante Zangief
es el mejor de sf
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Totally awesome work as usual man, but wanted to note that scar tissue is almost always raised rather than indented. I've got plenty of them to prove it!
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yeah I know, but I wanted these to look like chunks were cut out've of him.
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Should've known it was intentional, you're a bit texture guru. Right on man
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Zangieeef! I play with him on street fighter 4 =D
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I have to fav!
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Great job...! But over the years... WHAT IS UP WITH HIS SCARS!! He's a scarey dude! lol! :lmao:
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Incredible...what can I say?! Loving the beautiful colouring and the deep scars on Zangief's body. Wonderful.
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OUCH ! his scars looks scary
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His face is epic. XD
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This Artwork of Zangief is gorgeous!!!
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Those cuts on him look a little deep...
but what is it he said: "Goemon Abiede!!!" (????)
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Love it! I need to learn how to colour like this - it looks phenomenal.
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Look at his skin Lolz
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i felt pain when i saw the scars :O awesome work!! :D:D:D
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wow -that is one muscly dude ^_^
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