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the New Fantastic Four

here was a 4-way collab drawn LIVe on stream earlier between some of of the Noodles of UdonCrew 
edwinhuang drew Spider-Man
NgBoy drew Ghost Rider
Vostalgic drew Logan
I drew Hulk and coloured up the piece (with assist by Long)

We'll eb streaming again next month, so do follow us to watch it live!

Lineart - drawn in Drawpile
Coloured in ClipStudioPaintPro
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I remember reading two different What If comics about this run. One where they failed miserably when the FF's rogues gallery slaughtered them and another where they saved the universe from Thanos and using the Infinity Gauntlet to repair all the damage he did. I really wish we saw the return of this group back in Secret Wars just to see more of them.

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You should be in the comic industry yourself :D

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I dip in from time to time!

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A Marvelous team, indeed! Great work here.

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Marvel... that's something

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I want this so bad! THIS IS AWESOME!

The fact that the "New" Fantastic Four lineup is older than I am amuses me.

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Such an incredible artistic collab paying homage to one of the most amazing superhero collabs of all time. Such beautiful work by the lot of you, sir! :D

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Awesome four-way collab here. : D

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Joe Fixit (Gray Hulk) is great.
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You're welcome.
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Bring back Dan Ketch, return Peter to billionaire status, have a “stable” Banner, and Logan.
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it could be something

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I'd give anything to see this team given another chance in storytelling!

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wouldn't that be something!

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They had a great “What If” where the FF were dead (for real) so these guys took over full time. Story is about the Infinity War (Original).
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