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mouth of madness

So I’ve got this Purple Character w/ a top-hat, w/ rectangle eyes and his big mouth.
And after remembering seeing a cool Domo shirt last year @ SDCC, I thought ‘hey do a shirt of that weird looking character w/ the mouth’

so here it is, available Right here over @ my RedBubble page with Various Colour Choices apart from yellow as a base colour for the shirt!

Now also previewing all the possible shirt colour options.
[link] <-- this is also a quick snap of what the actual shirts look like.

4h.HBpencil/PrinterPaper > Photoshop7/OpticalMouse
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Little terrified, but still great.
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IMPRESIONANTES Camisetas! Buena tematica! 10/10
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I love this man! :D
i want a yellow one too..
but is it possible to ship it to indonesia?
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do check the site, they do international shipping
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I'll take mine in blue and a version on boxers for my wife tee hee
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i want yellow one. =) but i'm from Turkey. =(
Me encantaaa! Yo quiero una camiseta asi!
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I have a few of your shirts now :D Three in fact.

Im curious, ive recently started a red bubble account and yours is probably nothing to go by (thats not to cause offence, just your popularity here would probably help over there) , but do you regularly get sales?

I thought itd be a good idea for me to open one, get a little income once in a while.
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sale comes every now and then.
nothing major.
spure of the moment type sometimes, usually quite quiet.

all good, as these shirts are primarily made for me.
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awesome, thanks for the info :D
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Hey, I wore your shirt/used your work here [link]
I hope you don't mind :)
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wooww..looks realistic..its as if the tee is gunna eat meh >.< good job!!
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Ha ha ha...That is awsome design.....I bet my friends would freak if I wear that to school....
hey umm are u sellin one by any chance >.< i seriously want one in red, love it dude.
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check link in artist comment.
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looks really good i'd buy it
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I really like this shirt design!
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i want one
how much?
1 in every color please
please message or note me back
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