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it's all in the stone

it's the Continuation of the / Capcomathon!

this game was my pick, it's Capcom's Power Stone.

I decided to draw Edward Fokker/Falcon along with Red Android.

i reckon this came out nice.

Check out Bob's piece of Power Stone's Jack --> [link] <--

4H.HBpencil/A4printerPaper > Photoshop7/OpticalMouse
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I miss that game.
NDGO's avatar
cool, nice work!!
MisterNefarious's avatar
Dude that is rad. Why in the hell isn't he in MVC3?
MisterNefarious's avatar
Excellent art! I really wish Capcom would show more love to this series....
coolshade's avatar
You know how many stones I kick with this guy! Great job!
Hey, i saw this piece in a Capcom artbook. Do u work for Capcom?
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shaggyoz's avatar
DUDE! he's the best!
samroon's avatar
dreamcast classic, thanx 4 sharing
samroon's avatar
dreamcast classic, dope piececthx 4 sharing
LeaTheWolf's avatar
Man I LOVED that game! It was so fuuuuun! :boogie: The second one kinda made it easier for people to cheat, since you got like 2-3 super attacks in one transformation thingy. And if you had Tien-Tien and you used that energy ball thing thre times, the other person was screwed!
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This is an epic tribute to an underappreciated game. They need to make a Power Stone 3. I always hated how Capcom is overly skiddish about releasing sequals for their less mainstream series.

Awesome lines for pencil work.
lxlTRIPlxl's avatar
Power stone was great so is this.
MangaAngel's avatar
wOOOahhh ho ho!
no one in israel knows this game\tv series...
Zane-the-Foxwolf's avatar
Ah, Power Stone! Loved that game. Best fighting game on Dreamcast. :D
Yokosetsu's avatar
Dude!! Falcon from Power Stone. That's awesome, Could you do one of Wang-Tang in Golden Dragon mode? That would be soo cool.

You got major talent, keep up the AWESOMENESS!! \(^o^)/

StardustLotus's avatar
Totally awesome!!!
tenko72's avatar
I loved this game! Falcon's one of my favorites. This is shaded well and I like all of the detail on Falcon's outfit and Red Android's armor.
Sketchmasterflash's avatar
Power Stones is the shit awesome pic man
C-Abdulio's avatar
I just got back into power stone, it's frikkin awesome, I like the build you gave him, makes him look more like a pilot than the heavy build he had in the game. Cool redesign. :)
Zeraphyne's avatar
More of that game! PLEASE! More of POWER STONE!
Leonidas666's avatar
Comparing with the original game design: I think Falcon came out a little better than Edward.
Good color by the way.
sandcrab1317's avatar
These games ruled. He was my friends favorite guy. I love the style.
AirBornInk22's avatar
Sweet job man, one of my fav. games =D
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