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fabric markers

Purchased some fabric markers, as I planned on drawing on my shoes during SDCC.
Figured I'd get a blank shirt too, as I could probably draw on that too.

So yeah, here's a shoddy snap-shot of a Men's Medium shirt with Ryu drawn on it as a trial/example.

If anybody is interested in this (taking bids for the next few days on this via DA notes OR will just sell at the booth during the show, whichever really) or a possible shirt commission, let me know via DA notes and we could probably work something out.

However I must say, it's way easier to draw on shoes than on shirts. The markers really go against the surface of the shirt fabric (such a pain sometimes). But hey it's fun.

For those going to SDCC,
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I want one. how much?
Creepygrrkitty's avatar
... aw I want one... or two... ya know, one to wear and one to put in the closet so it never ever gets damaged. ><
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I like it. looks as tho ryu is giving you a hug :D.

Hugdoken :D
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I think this is a really great job, I've read that it's actually a lot more difficult attempting to draw on material. Also recently I've been wondering if it was possible to buy pens that draw on clothes as i had some ideas of my own. So... I'm interested in the name and type of fabric markers you used if they were a specific type, please :)
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DUDE!!! That's one amazing T!!
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oooh can I buyz on XXL
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That's awesome! I want one!
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Sick! I would buy one.
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hey! congrats!
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I want one !!!! nicely done !
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oooh i really like this great job !!!
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Fuggin wicked dude.
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I painted wolverine on a t-shirt with screen printing inks - the resluts was amazing.
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Man that is badass. This needs to be an official shirt, I would snap that up. How did you do it, pencils first or went straight in with markers?
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pencils didn't really work on the shirt, so ihad to eyeball it
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nice shirt... any freebies?
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and nope
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