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and they have arrived

So here's a few quick snaps of a few of the shirts.
Figured I'd show 'em since I'm some of you'se might've been curious to see how they'd come out.

Very satisfied w/ these.

Now to wash 'em, and then wear 'em!

As always, these shirts and more are available over at my RedBubble page
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AWESOME YO!!!!!!!!
Dude lovin' the shirts! I've decided on the 'mouth of madness' and 'all about the vein' ones :D now its just down to colours to match! can't decide...too many choices!!
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I got my friend to order some for me :D
but they never came...they didnt even take money out of my friends account >.>
i've been waiting since May D:
I'll get another friend to order it.
yay for tees, they look awesome btw
how much did it cost to get those made?
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Haha. It actually looks like the face is a part of the shirt.

How were these printed?
Stezy07's avatar
I'm gonna buy me one of these, they look well swank :P
sweet i would so wear teh red gray and peach one X3
Myhirome's avatar
I love your shirts!
theCHAMBA's avatar

i likes 'em too!
SamuraiZero07's avatar
I want one so bad...*sigh* sux having no money
singqupado's avatar
kuya kuya!! how did you print the image? silk screen?
theCHAMBA's avatar
got it done @
singqupado's avatar
tnx!! APIR!!!!=)
b-1's avatar
The Yellow one is just GODLY Awesome :O .
Love all your creative work , It's so well designed and studied .

i know u hate hearing this .. but you just fu*kin inspire me lol ..
robertg12's avatar
love the red tshirt
i try to buy one
Jigzag's avatar
It would be really cool to see a room full of people wearing them. =P
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Wow they look great, is the printing quality good?
theCHAMBA's avatar
i reckon they're pretty ace!
Boldo's avatar
dude i want one
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